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    Jul 2010

    Sabres Scrimmage

    On Tuesday, I went to the Sabres scrimmage and it was funny to see more people there than at a Bisons Game.

    Just a few observations;

    Sammy looked good despite what some people have said. His awareness to make a play will be seen more, when he is playing along side of NHLers, rather than the rookies.

    Lemieux looked great. It seemed as if he was trying to pick a fight with Ristolainin. Throughout the game, he was going after Risto and they both spent a lot of time screaming at each other as they were both heading to the bench.

    One of the most impressive players was Babtiste. He was back and forth playing both ends of the ice. I am surprised he has not gotten a lot of attention yet.

    Fasching also looks like an NHL player.

    As for Goalies, Patterson is horrible. Not that he had a chance of making NHL or AHL anyways, but he looked horrible and should not even be considered a prospect.

    Ullmark looked better than any of our goalies. I guess before the game, one of the coaches told the media that Hackett is out until January. Ullmark might be an important goalie this year.

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    Sabres Scrimmage

    Very cool man

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