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    Aug 2011
    9/13/14: #Mayhem (While Pacman fights Algieri in China. lol)

    Farewell Candlestick!

    First is the most complete, second vid is the last drive by Montana. When Debartolo catches the last pass I bawled my eyes out. Thank you for the memories 9ers, Candlestick!

    I know it's not huge news and many younger fans don't care sadly, but I know a few old school hardcore fans lurk this forum, so I am doing this for us. It wasn't televised and many of us couldn't make it. Myself, I grew up going to the stick, I will enjoy the new place, but I have unforgettable memories of my childhood from the 'stick, so farewell Candlestick!

    Barry Lamar Bonds. .393/.967/1.054....on 3-0 counts.

    lol, Please' top 10 p4p: Mayweather/Marquez/Pacquiao/Bradley/Cotto/Wlad/Rigondeaux/Froch/Canelo/Maidana

    Boxing Fan? Come Discuss Boxing!

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    May 2013
    Just watched the video's. Thanks for posting. Brought a smile to my face seeing Montana throw that last pass.

    Now, I'm starting to feel old. Depression is kicking

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