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    Tigers First "Half" Grades

    Since the first "half" of the MLB is officially over, I thought I'd try and get a discussion about how we're doing going.

    I'll start and go position by position, but feel free to give some summaries on things you like and don't like.

    1. Starting Pitching B - They aren't nearly as dominate as they were last year, but to be honest that is semi expected. Our starters cannot possibly go out there every night and throw gems. They keep us in most games. They had a terrible 29 game stretch, but that seems to have mostly fixed itself. JV looks on and he looks off. He'll go 7 innings and allow no runs and the next game he'll allow 4 in 6 innings. If he does what he did last year and kills it in the playoffs, I'll be more than happy

    2. Miggy B - He won't win the MVP this year so all the Trout bandwagen fans will be happy. He's performing above average for his position, but he's just not the Miggy we are used to. I'll attribute this to his surgery and rehab. Guy is still hitting over .300 and almost has a .400 WOBA. I'm still thinking he'll tear it up in the second half and go for a total of 32 HR's.

    3. Victor Martinez - A+ I don't think I need to say anything here. He's been one of the best hitters in the MLB. If he wasn't a DH, I would honestly have to consider him in the MVP discussion.

    4. Ian Kinsler - A The guy is an equal if not better defender than Infante and he's having a much better year at the plate. He also brings a dimension to this team that we didn't have before: Speed. He doesn't steal like Rajai, but he'll still swipe ~20 bags this year which is about double what anyone on our team did last year.

    5. Nick C. B-/C+ Look the guy has been very good at the plate. He's shown he can develop discipline and he's got some pop in his bat. Not that many HR's but he's hit a good amount of doubles(20). I would hope he can raise his WOBA a bit more(only .309 right now), but I think that's very possible. Now, the reason I'm not giving him a solid B is because his defense is not good. It's hard to tell because he doesn't commit errors, but his range is almost as bad as cabreras. I've gone through some of the numbers so feel free to check it out.
      He's an improvement over Miggy, but that doesn't mean he's good at 3B.

    6. Suarez - B I guess maybe I should give him an A, but because he's only been up for about a month, I'm gonna downgrade him a bit. He's playing OKAY defense, but as we've seen he has a tendency to **** up the more routine plays. I like that he can hit. Our SS position was pretty much a black hole before we called him up.

    7. Rajai Davis - A i LOVE the speed he has brought to this team. Come playoff time, he may be the MOST important piece on our offense. He's also shown that he can hit it out every once in a while, which is awesome.

    8. Action Jackson - C- He's had a very good last couple of weeks, but my guess is that he'll regress again like he always does. I don't know if Jackson can ever become that outstanding Centerfielder that we always wanted him to be, but at least he isn't worthless. It's a good thing when Ajax is your second worst offensive player.

    9. Hunter - C His defense is terrible and he was a pretty big slump with his bat for a while. I really hope he can make up for his piss poor defense with more production from the plate. I love having the Vet around, but this year he's shown a very large decline in the field.

    10. JD Martinez - A This guy has been such a good pickup. I'm not sure if DD is just lucky, or our scouts are really that good. Houston is probably hating themselves for letting him go. He's not only hitting for power, but he's getting on base a ton. .440 WOBA with 205 plate appearances. That's pretty damn incredible.

    11. Alex Avila - ? I really don't know what to give him anymore. I didn't expect much out of him at the plate, so I guess he's pretty much done exactly what I expected. I just hope his bat doesn't completely die in the playoffs.

    Feel free to chime in with our bench guys. Overall I feel they've done a great job. I'm surprised by saying this, but I've not once yelled at Don Kelly this year. I like how ausmus uses him. Hes' not overused like when Leyland was the manager.

    Our bullpen is pretty bad, but I didn't feel like giving them a grade(it's an F don't worry)

    Overall I really like the direction we're heading. We're pounding the central and there is almost no way we don't make the playoffs. I ****ing want home field this year, hopefully we can get it!!

    edit: I forgot to add a there anyway a poll can be added?
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    What more do you guys want from Avila? For all the players that have played 70+ games this year he is 3rd on the team for .OBP. He may lead the team in Ks but he's slow as balls and I'd prefer he K then hit into a DP. He handles the staff very well and the pitchers feel very comfortable with him behind the plate. The dude also takes a beating every freaking night. I'd give him at least a B/B+.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lionsfanfromsac View Post
    Congrats to Ahoda on winning "PSD 2015 Post of the year!" ... What a huge honor it is to have you contribute to our forum. I hope you post twice as much in 2016 & give us twice the quality posts & twice the laughter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahoda View Post
    What more do you guys want from Avila? For all the players that have played 70+ games this year he is 3rd on the team for .OBP. He may lead the team in Ks but he's slow as balls and I'd prefer he K then hit into a DP. He handles the staff very well and the pitchers feel very comfortable with him behind the plate. The dude also takes a beating every freaking night. I'd give him at least a B/B+.
    That's why I didn't give him a letter grade. I don't really know how to judge him as he is doing exactly what I expected him to do. That is good, he isn't underachieving...he's just doing what he's been doing the past few years. I love that he walks a good amount and I feel he handles the staff really well.

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    Starting Rotation:
    Porcello-B (Solidified himself as a mainstay in the rotation and could be a solid #3 guy)
    Sanchez-B (Again a solid season)
    Scherzer-B (Solid)
    Smyly-C- (Ehhhhhh, has his moments and has his bad ones)
    Verlader-C- (Ehhhh too inconsistent)

    Alburquerque-D (Way too inconsistent and unreliable)
    Chamberlain-B (The only real good arm in the pen)
    Coke-D- (this month stretch saved him from getting an F)
    Hardy-C (Average filler BP arm who has been pretty solid)
    Ian Krol-C- (Has both good and bad moments, not really special)
    Smith-C (Same as Hardy)
    Nathan-F (Looks like a terrible signing at the moment, despite the recent streak)

    Avila-C+ (Gets on base at minimum so he's somewhat valuable at the plate)
    Holaday-B (Filled in pretty well as a backup catcher)
    Cabrera-B (Very good numbers even if they aren't Miggy numbers)
    V. Martinez-A+ (The tigers first half MVP easily imo)
    Castellanos-B (Pretty much what I expected from a rookie)
    Kinsler-A (Price trade looks better and better by the game.)
    Romine-D (Sucks at the plate but provides some value on defense)
    Suarez-B+ (has been a blessing at SS this season despite some flaws)
    Davis-A (Absolutely love the speed element he has brought to the team.)
    Hunter-D (Poor defensively and very streaky as a hitter)
    Jackson-D (Better defensively than hunter but still way too streaky as a hitter)
    Kelly-F (Nothing really wrong here, I just don't like him)
    J. Martinez-A (Very big addition to the lineup and looks like he may have wrapped the #5 spot up, making the lineup even more dangerous).

    Overall: I'd give the team a very solid B. Defensively they have weaknesses and still are streak on offense but on the days they are hot they will slaughter you. The pitching is still strong despite Verlander being pretty bleh.

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