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    Post Kidd hopes Sanders returns to form

    Come last February, it was the thought of many that Larry Sanders had played his final game with the Milwaukee Bucks organization. Fresh off a hefty contract extension, Sanders looked lost on the court and was dealing with trouble off of it.

    Add in alleged locker room issues and it was easy to see why the Bucks were doing what they could to trade the talented, though problematic forward.

    Rumors swirled that the Bucks were considering multiple deals for Larry Sanders but nothing ever manifested and he remained with the organization. Part of that was due to the reluctance of the Bucks fearing that Sanders could eventually turn things around, something that new head coach Jason Kidd hopes will happen this season.

    Yeah. I think it starts with being healthy. Two, hes here working out. When you look at that and being gone for five months, hes here with his teammates. Thats the start. Hes been great. Hes talking. He wants to be a leader. He cares. Hes talking to the young guys at practice, taking them to dinner (Friday). That shows his leadership.

    Kidd seems to have a special place in his heart for Sanders considering he allegedly informed the Brooklyn Nets to acquire him in a trade for Brook Lopez last season. That deal obviously wasnt completed despite the fact that the Nets reportedly looked into the move.

    Weve seen plenty of players like Sanders turn the corner though weve also seen just as many (if not more) struggle to get their head on straight. Hopefully under Kidd, it wont be the latter for Larry Sanders.!beOJ8S

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    I hope he turns it around as well. He's doing and saying all the right things again this summer like he did last summer.

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    He does actually seem like a decent teammate. From what I've heard, even dating back to last year, he took care of guys like Giannis and bought his shoes and stuff like that. I think he wants to be a leader, and is a pretty hard worker. His problem is that he just needs to learn how to control his temper, and keep himself out of bad situations like he got into at the club. You have to know when you're a professional athlete, there's always going to be punks who think they're tough and will try to get into it with you or talk trash. He needs to learn to just let that crap go and not let his temper get out of hand.

    I don't know the guy at all, but he really doesn't seem like a bad guy. There's some guys around the league that just come off as punks who think they're all that. They seem to think they're invincible and have a crappy attitude. Sanders doesn't seem like that type of guy. As long as he stays out of trouble, the city will get behind him again. Two seasons ago, when he had his breakout year, he was actively engaging fans on twitter, giving tickets to the boys and girls clubs, and doing some other nice off the court things. If he can revert back to that, and stay out of the negative headlines, he'll win a lot of fans back.
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    Agreed that he's worth sticking with because he seems to genuinely care about his teammates and the bucks. He has issues, but I don't think he's selfish.

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    Exactly. I hope he gets some smart people around him that keep him out of dumb situations. Just cuz you're an athlete doesn't mean you can't have fun, but be smart about it. Being drunk at a night club and not being in a reserved section probably isn't a great idea. He needs people around him that are smart enough to say its time to get out of here.

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