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Thread: 2014 Offseason

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    2014 Offseason

    This forum has been dead for a while so I thought I would try to get it going again.
    As far as the draft i liked our 1st and 3rd pick. The rest from what i read were completely from left field. I don't follow college hockey at all so i am going by the articles that I have read. Signing Vanek for only three years at a reasonable price shows how bad he wanted to come here. Am disappointed that we haven't signed a top 4 defenseman, but for what free agents were getting for money I understand why. I have to think a trade for a defenseman is coming. Since we are in a win now mentality and also trading away a couple prospects wouldn't be the worst thing to happen with all the contracts that are coming up in the next 2 years.


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    I think you meant to put this in the Wild forum
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