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    Sep 2013

    New "10 year" lease in Oakland - are the As staying??

    Interested to see what As fans think - are they going to stay in Oakland long term or get out?

    Wolff just got a cheap "10 year" lease that he can bail on after 2017. I think he's going to keep trying as hard as ever to move the team and really has no intention of getting a new stadium in Oakland, in spite of pledging to work on a new stadium "in good faith".

    Insisting on the ability to get out of Oakland after 2017 tells you all you need to know about his true intentions. Plus he knows how badly Mark Davis wants a football only stadium, and this lease probably means the Raiders will relocate, so the Coliseum City idea (that Wolff strongly opposes) will never happen.

    From Contra Costa Times:

    The agreement would keep the team in Oakland for up to 10 years, with the A's able to exercise an escape clause after the 2017 season. It also wouldn't prevent the city from reaching agreement with the Raiders to build a new football stadium on the sprawling Coliseum complex in East Oakland. Meanwhile the A's would pledge to enter "good faith" discussions to build a stadium in Oakland.
    The autumn wind is a Raider

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    I'm just excited for new scoreboards

    Seriously though, Lew Wolff is one step in the grave. I feel like he wants his new stadium before death and that's it

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