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Thread: D.C. Hotels?

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    D.C. Hotels?

    Hey guys,

    I know this isn't directly Redskins related but from what I can tell, there is literally next to no ongoing discussion in the Nats forum, and if I were to ask in there I feel like I'd probably get no helpful answers.

    I'm thinking of flying out to D.C. for a game later this year, and I'm wondering if there are any hotels directly adjacent to Nationals Park. Through Google I've found several that are within a few blocks, but I'm curious if anyone happens to know if there are hotels there similar to the way a lot of newer parks are doing where you can walk out the door of your hotel, cross the street, and you're at the park. Some parks even have hotels built into them but from what I'm seeing Nats Park doesn't seem to be one of them.

    Again, I know this isn't directly related to the Skins but any info you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not directly across, no, closest youll find is a few blocks away. But its not too bad, if you park close enough to the navy yard you might even get shot

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    I wouldn't recommend staying in D.C. around Nationals Park. Not the safest, and anything in D.C. is going to be crazy expensive. Try to stay somewhere in VA and take the Metro to the game. It'll literally take you a block away from Nationals Park, and you'll probably save a good $50 or more a night.

    Look in Alexandria or Old Town Alexandria. Alexandria is probably your best bet. Hell, if you don't mind noise, stay by the airport and take the shuttle to the metro and ride it in.

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    If you know anyone who lives in Boones Farm, definitely stay there. Safe, cheap, and not very far away.

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