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    Question KG on the Spurs?

    Congrats to the Spurs for ousting Miami this year! Great team effort.

    Would you guys like to see KG become a Spur?

    I wonder how KG would do on the Spurs. He has a toughness to him, but his age/health are definitely affecting him. With reports that he will likely return next season, I think he could contribute something to the Spurs (especially since Popovich knows how to use players well).

    What y'all think? It's not going to happen given KG's huge salary but fun to think about.

    Seeing him and Duncan on the same team together would be neat for a change.
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    KG is done. And he is prolly the only player in NBA History Duncan actually dislikes lol. I don't see it. The pipe dream right now is to add Greg Monroe somehow, man would that be something.
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