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    Mikhail Prokhorov listening to offers for Nets

    So it seems that Prokhorov is listening to offers for the Nets. Source

    There's a thread on this in the main forum (where I already replied) but this is something that deserves a Nets thread.

    I think this is more along the lines of something that you have to listen to offers rather than actually wanting to sell. If someone offers $2.2B, Prokhorov would make a $2B profit. It's something you have to consider. He's been a pretty good owner so far, at least in terms of willingness to spend. And at least the Nets have made the playoffs and aren't just a huge luxury hit sitting at the bottom of the standings.

    The Clippers have the better team (currently). The Nets have better history. The locations are probably even. Maybe the Clippers get a slight nod because they're in LA proper, while the Nets are Brooklyn. The Clippers offer the "savior" appeal from a public relations angle, while Brooklyn is a big moneymaking brand. The Nets own their arena (which will add the Islanders soon). Both are generally considered the secondary teams of their cities (Clippers to Lakers, Nets to Knicks). I'd say Brooklyn is the better investment and should fetch at least $2B.

    So, what do you think about this?

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    Sell it back to Ratner, or maybe Sterling.

    And don't forget Bloomberg or Trump.
    Short Cut, Draw Blood

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    Non-story. Even If he sells it he will want more than what Sterling got since Nets have their own brand new Arena etc...

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