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    Salary cap situation for 2015= 145 million without Lupati and Crabtree

    Edit= I got this from bleacher report

    "The 49ers have the second most 2015 cap obligations in the NFL at $145.35 million after Kaepernick's deal. Assuming a similar cap increase as this year (8.13 percent), the 2015 cap will be right around $144 million. San Francisco's cap obligations will drop by $2 million if the de-escalation occurs. The 49ers have built additional cap flexibility into Kaepernick's contract because they can create cap room at any time during the deal with their discretionary right to convert a portion of his base salary into signing bonus. Kaepernick could create a maximum of $9.324 million in cap space by restructuring his contract next year (assuming he extinguished the de-escalator mechanism because of his 2014 performance)."

    What do yall think of this?
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    They will probably extend Aldon next year and convert the $9 million of his salary into the signing bonus, and they can extend Vernon and Brooks next year also, to free up more money. Maybe even cut or redo Ray Mac. They can also frre up another $6 million without a dead money cap hit if they are not satisfied with Steve Johnson.

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