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    T.Y. Hilton fires Agent Drew Rosenhaus

    #Colts WR T.Y. Hilton has fired agent Drew Rosenhaus. Has to wait five days to hire another agent.

    Not sure what to think of this, my initial reaction was he'll probably be easier to re-sign.

    - He runs meetings like a coach. Basically, Im playing with a coordinator on the field. Hes a football God. He sees everything, and he sees the big picture of everything." - Frank Gore on Andrew Luck
    - "He is as smart as Peyton, as accurate as Brady, tougher than Ben and as athletic as RG3." - Anonymous Head Coach on Andrew Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfgiants1213 View Post

    Not sure what to think of this, my initial reaction was he'll probably be easier to re-sign.
    Probably will be. And cheaper. Rosenhaus is a douche so good riddance.

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    I'm wondering if maybe he will go with a stronger marketing firm because he knows he will probably not be able to break the bank with his contract and stay with the Colts.

    At the very least off the top off my head I can't think of any Rosenhaus high profile clients that have gotten big time deals off the field like say the representation Peyton uses with CAA which includes his agent Tom Condon. Just a quick search showed me they have Eli, AP, and RGIII who have done their fair share of ad campaigns. Rosenhaus had headaches like TO, Plax, Chad Johnson, Desean Jackson, Gronk, Dez, and Lesean McCoy.

    Rosenhaus players at least to me try to break the bank on the team instead of finding other places for revenue and taking fair market value for their contract in a good situation to put them in place to get those off field deals.

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    lol dang, ty gave him two years and said see ya. especially with Rosenhaus.


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