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    Andrew Luck's world

    Adongo has put on 40 LB's since joining the Colts's Kevin Bowen wrote this article about Colts players' weight gain/losses from last season to this season...

    Daniel Adongo, 6-5 and 270 pounds (plus 23)

    Analysis: The maturation of Adongo seems like itís never ending. Heís mentioned that heís up to 282 pounds which would mean he has put on nearly 40 pounds since coming to the United States for the first time late last July.
    LaVon Brazill, 5-11 and 205 pounds (plus 11)

    Analysis: Some good southern cooking allowed Brazill to put on around 10 pounds this offseason. Brazill is known as a speedster, but he wanted to add some weight to his frame and is pleased with how he feels during OTAs.
    Jack Doyle, 6-6 and 267 pounds (plus 9)

    Analysis: Doyle has always had the height and now, after a year in an NFL weight room, heís put on nine pounds to put him as the biggest tight end on the Colts roster (Dwayne Allen-265 pounds).
    Jerrell Freeman, 6-0 and 240 pounds (plus 8)

    Analysis: Taking a look at Freeman and he certainly doesnít look like your prototypical inside 3-4 linebacker. Of course, the film tells the real story. Freeman has added some weight to withstand the threshold of playing in the middle of a 3-4 scheme.
    Khaled Holmes, 6-3 and 309 pounds (-10)

    Analysis: A healthy offseason has allowed Holmes to slim down a bit and heís admitted that he feels in much better shape and comfortable at this weight.
    Montori Hughes, 6-4 and 350 pounds (plus 15)

    Analysis: When Hughes was drafted, which position he lined up at was a mystery. His current frame certainly falls in line with a traditional 3-4 nose tackle.
    Arthur Jones, 6-3 and 337 pounds (plus 22)

    Analysis: Donít read too much into Jonesí current weight. He said last week on local radio that he likes to be heavier during OTAs before dropping 10-15 pounds once training camp (and the pads) arrives.
    Henoc Muamba, 6-0 and 242 pounds (plus 12)

    Analysis: Muamba has very similar measurables to that of Freeman and in coming over from the CFL, the new Colts inside linebacker has beefed up a bit to ready for the NFL.
    Jeris Pendleton, 6-2 and 323 pounds (-11)

    Analysis: Pendleton should not be overlooked along the defensive line. He played quite a few snaps late in the season for the Colts and has shed nearly a dozen pounds to prepare for 2014.
    Sheldon Price, 6-2 and 198 pounds (plus 18)

    Analysis: After a year on the Colts practice squad (Price was called up late in the season), Price didnít mess around this offseason. He says heís closer to 200-205 pounds and feels that allows him to be better equipped to shed blocks and aid in the run game.
    DaíRick Rogers, 6-3 and 215 pounds (plus 7)

    Analysis: Rogers wanted to ďtoneĒ his body this offseason, while trying to become a more precise route runner.

    My thoughts: Holy **** Adongo and Montori Hughes.
    So Anna, what do you think about the notion that Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck?

    "[He's] a really complete player... There's not really any weaknesses to his game." - Bill Belichick on Andrew Luck
    "Luck has the most diverse skill set of any NFL quarterback" - Ron Jaworski on Andrew Luck being a top 5 QB

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    Adongo may be the most improved player on the team. He may have a breakout season this year as he and Luck are the two smartest guys on the field. Add that to his freakish athleticism and you have a well rounded physical player that learns quickly.

    I cant wait to see him in preseason.

    "In my eyes, life is likened to christian ideology... its molded into three parts best described by the divine comedy; inferno, purgatorio and paradiso. You can live it in self loathing and pity, obscurity and ambiguity, or with beauty and elegance. Does that make the ideology truth? no, it makes it an irrelevent metaphor." ;p

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    Adongo is young with a huge frame. Going from having to be able to run miles during a game to training for short bursts should have helped adding a few lbs...but 40 is insane to an already huge man.

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