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    Dwayne Allen listed as a breakout candidate

    Dwayne Allen, TE, Indianapolis Colts -- The Colts expected him to have a huge season in 2103, but he suffered a season-ending hip injury in the first game. He is back practicing now and said recently he is fully recovered from the injury. Allen is a tough, smart player who should put up big numbers in their offense after flashing as a rookie in 2012.

    Seems like we're getting a positive Dwayne Allen story nearly every other week.

    Watching Clayton Kershaw in the playoffs like:


    - He runs meetings like a coach. Basically, Im playing with a coordinator on the field. Hes a football God. He sees everything, and he sees the big picture of everything." - Frank Gore on Andrew Luck
    - "He is as smart as Peyton, as accurate as Brady, tougher than Ben and as athletic as RG3." - Anonymous Head Coach on Andrew Luck

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    Allen's coming out party was just delayed by the injury.

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