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    Bernie: Cardinals have spoiled their fans

    What’s wrong with the Cardinals? The question has frustrated the players, confounded GM John Mozeliak and left manager Mike Matheny scrambling to freshen his supply of useful clichés.

    Meanwhile, the collective anguish among Cardinals fans has puzzled outsiders. They see a team struggling for consistency, which hardly qualifies as a crisis in early June. The Cardinals are 31-29 after winning Wednesday in Kansas City. The flirtation with .500 may be unsettling, but it isn’t unusual.

    The 2011 Cardinals were 67-63 and all but counted out on Aug. 24 before rallying to save the season and win the World Series. The 2012 Cardinals were 46-43 on July 15, then charged to make it to Game 7 of the NL championship series.
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    It is true, we are ridiculously spoiled

    We are realistically in fine shape. We have plenty of games vs brewers left (13)

    The teams below us are struggling worse than us.

    And honestly, the brewers huge start, which wasn't sustainable, got us back a few games

    Overall we are fine but when we are used to being so much better the fans have freaked

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    I realize we are above .500 but it sure doesn't feel like it haha

    Definitely spoiled

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