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Thread: Just an Idea

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    Just an Idea

    I have posted this on other sites, but never here. This is what I am thinking. (Let the bashing begin)

    KD and Westbrook will not win a championship together. It is a competition way too much. Westbrook does not like being in his shadow. If you think otherwise, look at his face during the MVP ceremony. He needs to go where he can be the alpha male. Here is the trade, well they will have to figure out some other parties to do some swapping with.

    76ers Gets:
    #29 pick

    OKC Gets:
    Michael Carter-Williams
    #10 pick

    This would essentially make the 76ers a power with

    PG- Russell Westbrook
    SG- James Anderson
    SF- Thaddeus Young
    PF- Jabari Parker (#3 from Duke)
    C- Nerlens Noel

    Then OKC has got to amnesty Perk. He is not worth the $$$.

    PG- Michael Carter-Williams
    SG- Reggie Jackson Jr
    SF- Serge Ibaka
    PF- Kevin Durant
    C- Steven Adams

    Then use that #10 for James Young from Kentucky or Gary Harris from Mich St. Then stock up with the other picks or trade for future picks. This will instantly make the 6ers legit, they want a vet and his play in the Conf Finals only increased his trade value. I really like Carter-Williams and we will have a solid team that will constantly pass the ball. That seems to be when they got beat is when you can see everyone standing around. When they have all five guys rotating and constantly attacking and kicking it out to someone that is open, that is when we are dangerous. I don't think Thabo comes back either. It is time to start getting rid of the old pieces. If Fish does not decide to coach the Knicks, he may take one more shot at another title next year.

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    Thunder laughs and hangs up. Thunder would want #3,#10 and MCW for Westbrook.

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    Yeah. That's not enough for Westbrook. We would have to take #3, MCW and at least next years first. Possibly their #10.

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    (***large buzzer sound***) thank you for playing.

    If You See Westbrook Wrestling a Grizzlie.... pity the bear....

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