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    Quote Originally Posted by kyubi256 View Post
    I always think of Leiter when I see Buerhle. Both are solid All Star caliber pitchers but not aces. They were very good #2 pitchers and #1 in some teams. But not as dominant as I'd think for HOF.
    Except Buerhle has a huge advantage in terms of consistency and reliability
    (Mark already has 800 more innings than Leiter finished his career with)

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    I'm not too familiar with his advanced metrics, but eye test, I say no. I love the dude but he's never been dominant enough in my opinion. Then again if he ends up with insane longevity or a cy young that would change the calculus big time.

    Then again maybe he should get in because of how quick he moves along
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    He has crazy longevity. I hope he makes it.

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    Buehrle hurt his case just like Mussina by retiring sooner than he had to.

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