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Thread: Draft Thread

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    Draft Thread

    We dont have any picks are arnt going to work any players out.

    but just in case...

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    I think we will be looking at teams wanting out of the late 20's and 2nd round. We will probably target a 2nd round pick that we want to bring in and roll the dice. Kind of like we did with Crabbe. 2nd round talent is cheap and some teams would be interested in cash for their multiple picks. Remember if a team is trying to cut costs and they have a pick it counts against their cap. They would they dump that pick to get that extra cap relief.

    Also we could be players in 3 team deals. We have components that can be moved to help others do their trades. This would be a way to acquire veteran help (not star power).

    Like Olshey said we are about winning games now...not collecting assets. We have the blue print on what we need to improve our roster and that's what we are going to shoot for.
    So Say We All!!!

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