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    Apr 2009
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    20-20 after 40 games

    Brian Dozier has 10 homers (tied for 6th in the majors), 38 runs scored (tied for the major league lead), 12 stolen bases (tied for 6th in the majors) and has an OBP of .369 (30th in the majors). Phil Hughes is 4-1 with an ERA of 3.61. He has 40 Ks and 6 walks in 47.1 innings. He has a WAR of 1.2 already.
    Oswaldo Arcia and Josh Willingham have a total of 35 ABs.
    Would anyone have predicted this?

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    Oct 2007
    It's been a wonky season so far, no doubt about that. With some consistency in our pitching we'd probably be able to keep the .500 pace. The problem is our starters seem to go 6 innings giving up 2-3 runs or 3 innings and give up 6-7 runs. Our starters rarely shut out the other team, they most of the time give us a chance to win, and they sometimes just completely give the game away. I see our offense continuing to cool.

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