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    Broncos select LB Lamin Barrow- 5th round 2014 NFL Draft


    • Instinctive linebacker with developed ability to diagnose plays.
    • Adequate athletic potential with sudden feet in short areas.
    • Improved disciplined drastically from junior to senior seasons.
    • Fluid hips to turn and run or get depth in coverage.
    • Anticipates routes well, especially ones in front of him.
    • Quick feet in space, changes directions in a hurry, can plant and drive on throws.
    • Sufficient lateral quickness to beat blocks with the help of his lower body.
    • Naturally fires his hands into blockers, extends and sheds with skillful hands.
    • Terrific length to keep blockers off his frame despite lack of significant height.
    • Strong upper body maximizes his hand usage.
    • Comes downhill to meet blockers head on.
    • Will bounce off blocks while keeping balance to quickly accelerate from contact.
    • Contains effectively by keeping outside shoulder free and turning runs to the inside.
    • Wraps well as a tackler in the box.
    • Plays with a high energy level and motor.
    • Used in variety of linebacker spots at LSU.

    • Plays made in the backfield are few and far between.
    • Low tackle numbers despite high snap counts behind talented defensive lines.
    • Still loses gap discipline on occasion by running himself out of plays.
    • Takes imprecise angles when positioning himself to make tackles.
    • Doesnít come downhill with aggressiveness, often plays on his heels instead.
    • Struggles to close down space in run fits due to hesitation.
    • Lacks exceptional closing speed in open field despite relatively small build.
    • Bounces around aimlessly in coverage at times, not enough spatial awareness.
    • Didnít get hands into passing lanes to defend passes at a very high rate.
    • Ineffective as a blitzer, lack of natural pass-rush moves.
    • Regularly dials down his speed as a blitzer, doesnít test pass-blockers with athleticism.
    • Struggles to break down in space to make solo tackles, tends to stop his feet and dive.
    • Doesnít flow over the top of off-tackle run plays naturally.
    • Doesnít make plays at the sideline often from inside positions.
    • Not a powerful or impactful tackler, often gets dragged by backs at the end of runs.

    STRENGTHS: Athletic play speed with the nimble foot quickness to stay alert and cover a large area - good pursuit range to chase, close and attack on the move...long arms and wingspan with the quick hands to disengage when locked up...physical take-on strength and won't shy from contact...balanced to square to his target with the body control to adjust in space...nice job in coverage to keep his pads low and feet active to play tight coverage and get his head turned to find the ball...quick reactions and reflexes to make up for lost steps...motivated worker and gets the most out of his ability with a relentless motor - has worked hard in the weight room to develop his strength...reliable football character, competitive make up and developing leadership skills...durable two-year starter (28 career starter) with consistent production the past two seasons, earning Second Team All-SEC honors as a senior.

    WEAKNESSES: Lean body type with a narrow trunk and limbs, playing the 225 pound range in 2013...good football smarts, but late to diagnose at times and is more of a see-ball, get-ball type...streaky discipline and gets himself in trouble overpursuing the action and whiffing, struggling to properly break down in motion - bites on fakes and play action...will be put on skates and needs to do a better job anchoring vs. the run...forced to gear down when changing directions and a tad herky-jerky in his to improve his tackling technique and needs to be more explosive at contact instead of wrestling ballcarriers to the ground - needs to consistently wrap and finish...somewhat of a late bloomer and still developing.

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    All that read to me like a guy with a bunch of potential, who if he applies himself and gets coached up, could become something special.

    Say it ain't so Von say it ain't so!!!

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    Not a bad pick. put to let Shayne Skov go past the 7th round. Wow. Surprised is a understatement.

    Barrow has potential. It's a good pick.

    sig made by DB
    "I think that's why I came out numerous times and said I want to win," Tulowitzki said. "It doesn't mean I want out of here. It means I'm sick and tired of losing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katspinal1313 View Post
    All that read to me like a guy with a bunch of potential, who if he applies himself and gets coached up, could become something special.
    Already seems to be a favorite of Fox. Might be a little more raw than I anticipated but nothing that is uncoachable.

    Has to be a favorite for the nickel LB spot...and very well may just give Irving all that he can handle at Mike.

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