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    Broncos select OT/OG Micheal Schofield- 3rd round/2014 NFL Draft

    STRENGTHS Good run blocker -- drives his legs on contact and generates some power through his lower body. Can steer, control and lock down defenders once he gets his hands on them. Good playing demeanor -- gets after it and seeks to finish. Is tough-minded and hardworking. Gritty competitor.

    WEAKNESSES Not an explosive drive blocker who can clear holes with regularity. Average foot quickness. Tends to overextend and lunge in-line and on the move. Marginal reactive quickness and recovery speed for the outside. Exposed by edge speed (see Michigan State vs. Shilique Calhoun) -- cannot cut off the wide rush and struggles to handle quick, inside counters. Late to reach the second level.

    BOTTOM LINE Quick-footed college right tackle with experience playing on the inside and offers versatility as a utility swing backup. Possesses eventual-starter potential, but could always be restricted by athletic limitations and leave teams desiring better.

    STRENGTHS: Good height and well-proportioned frame with adequate arm length. Wide base to dig hits cleats in the ground and wall off lanes with his wide sets and initial kickslide. Nice job keeping his base square to his target, using patience and body position well. Keeps his belt low and knees bent to anchor and win with leverage ? not an easy guy to move from his spot. Good awareness to pick up extra rushers and extends well to absorb and control contact. Try-hard overachiever and leaves it all on the field with a top competitive nature, finishing with tenacity. Versatile starting experience as a three-year starter at both tackle and guard ? 36 career starts (26 right tackle, 10 left guard).

    WEAKNESSES: Heavy core and struggles to easily redirect his momentum, struggling to mirror back inside after his initial set. Needs to consistently bring his feet with him when engaging speed rushers. Phone booth athleticism and works best in smaller areas. Tight hips with limited range, struggling with proper timing when pulling. Unreliable at the second level and lacks the quickness to square up in space or on the move. Will misjudge speed and play too patient in his stance. Very average in the strength category and doesn?t consistently overpower his target. Struggles to jolt at the point of attack. Hand placement is too wild and reactionary, will attract some holding calls.

    --Dane Brugler


    A four-star high school recruit, Schofield received a scholarship offer from every school in the Midwest, but chose Ann Arbor, redshirting in 2009 and seeing limited action as a reserve in 2010. He became the starting left guard in 2011 before moving to right tackle where he started every game the past two seasons, earning All-Big Ten Honorable Mention honors as a senior. Schofield is built well for the edge with good bend and arm length, but his limited quickness and heavy feet are tough to ignore. He plays like a veteran with the competitive attitude to finish blocks, but he works best in smaller spaces and might have to move inside in the NFL.


    - Solid length. 6-foot-6, 302 pounds with 34-inch arms.

    - Very strong initial kickslide and a solid run blocker. Seal blocks very well, maybe better than Lewan.

    - Rugged personality according to CBS Sports and Nolan Nawrocki. Similar to guys like Rich Seubert and Chris Snee

    - Versatile. Mike Mayock thinks he's a starting RT caliber player, but he also was able to succeed at guard during the Senior Bowl.

    - Technique is rock solid, especially his hands. Didn't get many holding penalties, but when he got his hands on you, it's over. Low center of gravity and won't let go. Will ride you down.

    - Can anchor down when he wants and can move with beautiful footwork when he wants.

    - Awareness is good.


    - Functional strength needs to be improved.

    - Short area quickness isn't up to snuff.

    - Going with that short area quickness, he's struggled versus speed off the edge.

    - Average athlete. Ran a 5.01 40-yard dash, which isn't bad at all, but didn't show that on the field.

    He's not a left tackle prospect because he struggles with speed, but he's very, very good against power. That's why he's on the right side for me. Could have a ceiling similar to Sebastian Vollmer. Dominated Ra'shede Hageman in 1-on-1's at the Senior Bowl.

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    Think this pick was a big reach. Not saying its bad pick. Just a big reach, and don't get taking over a Polished lineman like David Yankey. David Yankey is going to far better. the fact he landed with the Vikings. made it even better. bit of Resentment from this pick, hope they make me eat my words. I just don't get it

    this guy sounds good on paper i just dont see it on film like i do with yankey
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    Isn't Yankey just a OG? I suppose the Broncos were sold on this kid's versatility to play both OT and OG and the potential to add more weight.

    The more I search around with him, the more it seems that he can actually have a shot to push Clark at RT this season. Some already believe he will be starting at RT (Dmac).

    In reality though, all this hinges on Orlando's transition to LG..which even Elway isn't completely certain about. If it works we have a 1 on 1 battle with Clark/Schofield..if it doesn't Franklin is back at RT and we got to figure something out with LG.

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