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    Falcons select OT Jake Matthews in Round 1

    Gotta say, I like this move even if we couldn't get Clowney. Great start, he's the best fit for us that was possible to get off the board at the time.
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    I know allot don't like this pick but I love it and think its about time we got some protection for Ryan

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    Best pick possible at 6 and didn't cost anything to move up. There were 4 players I loved in the first round for Atlanta (Clowney, Mack, Matthews, Robinson) and this one made it. Offensive line is the best way to improve your run and pass simultaneously. Anyone who says offensive linemen aren't sexy pick should go back and watch last season's tape to see how unsexy your football team looks when they have holes in their line.

    LOVE the pick now get another stud in round 2!

    No more Rose? When is football season again?

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    I loved this pick. I know I valued a pass rusher well above OT, but with Clowney and Mack gone Matthews was an outstanding pick. He's a day 1 starter at whichever side he proves better at.

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    Falcons signed No. 6 overall pick OT Jake Matthews to a four-year contract.

    It comes with a fifth-year club option for 2018. Matthews was the second tackle off the board, behind Greg Robinson at No. 2 overall to the Rams. The former Texas A&M Aggie is expected to begin his career at right tackle in Atlanta, but it wouldn't be a shock if he and LT Sam Baker flip-flop. Baker is coming off a bad 2013 season that was cut short due to knee problems.

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