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    New Bulls D-League team?

    K.C. Johnson ‏@KCJHoop 1m
    Grizzlies buy Iowa Energy so Bulls need new D-League affiliate that they won't send their players to.

    So I think some people were discussing about a possible D-League expansion coming about. Looks like it should happen soon.

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    Sooooooooo overdue

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    The D-league team should play in Rosemont. The Rosemont Touros

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    They should have 4 developmental centers, lol

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    I've been in favor of every team having their own D league team for awhile now. I just don't see why it hasn't happened yet there is talent every year that leaves college before they should struggle and end up going over seas when opportunities have dried up here.

    With having your own D league you can have Late first rounders, raw first rounders, 2nd rounders, undrafted, and international players on your squad learning your NBA teams schemes and developing for a role the team envisions you having on the NBA squad.

    As a Bulls fan having an organization that does as well as any drafting and developing their talent having their own scheme and coaches being taught to prospects would make an impact on the future of the team.

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    It's really a no-brainer, so what's the problem? Money??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyguy3 View Post
    The Rosemont Touros
    Oh, Thank you!

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