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Thread: the culo game

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    Nov 2010

    the culo game

    the third inning is why we lost the game last night. That first pitch to tulo, yeah I get he lost barmes, and wade wasn't sharp last night, but why start with a fast ball in that situation, with runners on. This guy kill us, why let him beat us without a fight. then in the 6th, he's leaning over everything and you had him with the slider earlier, and didn't go back to that pitch. Geez set it on a tee for him. Then the Moreneu homer, Wade was just done. Miggy has to regroup his calling.

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    Sep 2012
    There's always a reason why we lose. Bottom line....our pitching is not even close to getting it done.
    I don't have the stats, but I bet 3/4 of the games the opposition has scored at least 5 runs. How can you win, especially with how poorly they're hitting?

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    I call him "culo" myself.

    To make it more Polish-looking I usually write down "Kulow" or "Kulowitzski".

    Future Hall of Shamers:
    (1) B.A.L.C.O. Barroids (2) Mark McJuicer (3) Jose Chem-seco (4) Rafael Palmeiroids (5) Ken Chem-initi (6) Jason Gi-andro (7) Ryan Fraud (8) Muscle Melk (9) Woman-Ram (10) Shammy Sosa (11) Roger Clear-mens (12) A-Roid

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