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    2014 8gb on 4/28

    goal should be to be at 7gb at all star break.

    I'm not convinced this team sucks. First off, Gibson has to start acting like he cares about his players. Goldy has been scammed half the year on the strike zone. Ross was scammed this series. Delgado got boned. Don't say dick gibby, you'll lose the respect of the team and they'll laugh at your slippers. Harkey, how come you haven't gotten yourself tossed yet too? Both you guys aren't pussys, half your team might be, because they
    're too nice, but that's another story.
    Let's go over somethings.
    Miley-should be offered an extension right now. not a *****.
    bronson- always worth watching pitch. not a *****.
    collmenter-nice to see the curve working, that third pitcher may make him a great 6 to 7 inning starter, and occasionally a mop guy or in between starts. Staff workhorse again, can do any role, even close. not a *****
    McCarthy-this guy should be a number 1. the way he was burying guys inside yesterday was number 1 like, and having a sharp breaking pitch. yesterday he wasn't a *****. about time.
    Cahill-in a good role now, until he figures himself out. but still the second mosted talented on the staff next to McCarthy. should be a number 1 as well. total *****.
    Delgado-unfortunately, he's not a starter at this time, and he's not a minor leaguer either. Stuck blowing out his service time, developing the third pitch or fourth pitch. not a *****.
    ziegler-not a *****. great reliever, and performs in a variety of roles.
    Perez-immature, and the shirt sleeve incident showed, why he's not a force in the league, commiserate with his ability. Should of just changed his shirt, not shown any emotion, then plunked whomever was at the plate or gone about the business at hand. not a *****, needs a mentor. does bring some color to this team.
    Putz JJ not a *****. should not be traded.

    Montero- has been iffy with the pitchers all year. Was on fire yesterday with McCarthy.

    Prado- needs to relax.

    Parra go back to the old stance, and with your inside out swing keep driving the ball to left and up the middle and win a batting title. just think carew/butler.

    go ahead and take offense, at being called a ***** but these impressions are what hitters have at the plate, and why they have success against you.

    ****** equals derogatory term for cat

    Losing is for losers.

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    Kris Medlen's Bed

    2014 8gb on 4/28

    They have too much talent to be awful

    The Cult of Gattis

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    Collmenter and Mc Carthy have been a pleasant surprise. They've added pitches that make them more unpredictable. Overall, the hitting has been weak. Especially with men in scoring position. The rest of the pitching staff has a lot to improve.
    I'm not blaming Gibby. The team has played poorly. It's not like they've lost lot of close games due to poor management decisions. I'm not going to look at the standings, but I would like to see them at .500 by the middle of June.

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