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    2014 NFL Draft Spreadsheet

    Here is the 2014 NFL Draft Index Spreadsheet. I made this last year and it got some really nice reviews from many of you (and from people on other sites). You can download it (free, of course) @ the following location (my website) - upper right hand corner of the page:
    2014 Draft Spreadsheet

    Here are some of the features for this year (in Microsoft Excel):

    There are a lot of tabs. There are also buttons (gray boxes) that you can click to navigate to the tab that you want

    If your version of the file asks you to enable content, then click that button and enable.
    Tabs for: Instructions (basic use), Value chart, Team Needs, Offense Ranking by position, Defense Ranking by position, Ranking (overall, has 454 players currently), Comparison of 4 players and their rankings, college tracker, and draft tracker

    Ranking tab - this is the current ranking of players; I used roughly 20 mocks to determine the order based on a points system (no homerism); during the draft (or any time you want to play around with it), if you enter the team (drop down menu) and the pick where they are selected, it will determine the value of the pick and update the tracker tab and college tracker tab automatically, there is a lot of info on this tab including their combine #'s, their school, size, etc. There are also links to many of the players in there (CBS). I also have updated this with updates already

    Tracker tab - this is filled in with all 454 players currently. Once that player is selected and entered on the tracking tab, it auto populates into this tab so you can see who was picked and who remains

    College Tracker (new) - if you use the file during the draft, and enter the team and selection # and the team and conference will be updated with that pick; in other words, you can track how many picks each conference has in each round

    Comparison (new) - this will give a comparison of the rankings for up to 4 players. you select up to 4 names and you can see how they rank against each other.

    I am putting together a "BIG BOARD" and need your help. Here is how it works:

    There are 3 ways to give me your rankings. You PM me in here, email me your list (in order), or use the link below to enter your list (can be anything from a first round to up to 200 or more players). This would include everyone, even if you donít think someone will make it to our pick (in other words, if you think Clowney goes #1, then he is #1 on your list Ė donít leave players out). If you want to give me more or less, that works too - the point value goes from the first pick all the way down to the 254th pick, so this accommodates all of it.

    I will compile all of the lists and re-order everything based on who everyone wants in these selections Ė so, your vote counts! I am planning on updating the file based on your lists the weekend of May 3rd/4th, so the lists end n May 1st to give me time

    This is the link to a Google Doc where you can enter your picks. Please do not overwrite someone else's picks that are already in there. just put your user name at the top and then put your players in order from 1 to whatever. I will do the rest. I won't take any more lists after May 1st as I need to re-order everything and update the overall Draft Spreadsheet
    Enter Your Rankings!

    If you donít have the newer version of Excel, then PM me or email me at and I will send you an older version in Excel.

    If you would like to see anything added, then let me know. For example, if you have a pet cat that you don't see on the Tracking tab, then I can add them. If you have ideas on things you would like that aren't there at all, let me know. This is long enough so let me know if you have questions. I welcome ALL comments. Let me know if you like this. I used last year's version during the actual draft and it was very helpful to me
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