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    Pistons Needed Moves and Cap Space

    Detroit Pistons has 41.7 Million in Salaries. The expected Salary Cap for the upcoming season is 63.2 Million. That leaves 21.5 in cap space. The tax level is expected to be at 77 Million dollars. Let me say this you don't let an asset like Greg Monroe walk, we own his bird rights meaning we can use all the available cap space and sign him above the 63.2 & stay under the tax level. You can keep or trade him, he's an asset, Big men are hard to find and no matter what people say 3 big men in Smith, Drummond, and Monroe are a luxury, someone just needs to come off bench and Smith need to stay at the 4 and they need a good experienced coach.

    The Solution :

    Pistons need to sign Lance Stephenson at around 9 Million. Think James Harden after he left OKC for Houston and became the go to guy, don't let a talent like that pass.

    Sign Trevor Ariza who should be our starting stretch 3 who is an experienced glue guy.

    Lastly we need to draft a really good player.

    PG Brandon Jennings
    SG Lance Stephenson
    SF Trevor Ariza
    PF Josh Smith
    C Andre Drummond

    PG Willl Bynum
    SG Kentavious Pope
    SF Kyle Singler
    PF Jonas Jerebko
    C Greg Monroe

    11th man Draft Pick unless they take somebody spot up top

    Even if this doesn't work, you use your assets to trade for what you need. Package a few of these guys if need be but a good coach can make this work.

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    I think I am one of the few that really would like Stephenson on this team, he brings a needed "cockiness" and swagger that this team needs
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    We can't sign Stephenson and Ariza for 11.3 mil$, it wouldn't happen(MLE?). I didn't look up the current contracts, we might have more $ if we buyout Diatome and maybe Jerebko. Remember we will have a cap hold of 10mil$ on Moose unless he walks. If we draft a really good player, I would hope he is more than an 11th man. I would hope for a top 7 on the team at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by We_need_players View Post
    I think I am one of the few that really would like Stephenson on this team, he brings a needed "cockiness" and swagger that this team needs
    I'm sure the same thing was said about Smith & Jennings
    I actually agree, Stephenson would be a great addition here not understanding the Ariza love though, maybe 3yrs ago but he'll be on the decline soon. I would spend as much as possible for LS there's going to be a boatload of teams going after him. I would offer him something like 4yrs/35mil...

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    We have a offseason thread for these kind of offseason ideas. We use it so the forum doesn't get cluttered with ideas both logical and illogical. Please use that when creating off season ideas.

    Here is the link if need be:

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