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    The Sabres Pick 2nd. Probably does not mean anything.

    So the Sabres lost the Draft Lottery and will pick 2nd.

    Thankfully this does not mean anything For Buffalo. The Sabres are loaded at defense and there was no way the Sabres would chose Ekblad over a desperately needed center position player in Reinhart.

    On Defense, Myers, Ehrhoff, Ristolainin, Zadorov, McCabe and Pysyk are all going to be back next year. Ekblad taking a roster position from one of those guys does not make us that much better. Reinhart or even Bennett over any of our offensive players does make this team a lot better. However, there is talk that the Sabres could be persuaded to trade the 2nd overall pick for a slew of players as well as 2015 picks.

    Florida is definitely going to draft Ekblad. They have a lot of offensive prospects and the three defensive prospects drafted in recent years turned out to be busts. There is no way Florida picks anyone else but Ekblad.

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    The Sabres Pick 2nd. Probably does not mean anything.

    Yeah, probably will end up with reinhart either way

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