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    Ducks/Canucks Game thread

    Math is simple: Lose and eliminated. Win and still alive. Obviously a must win game for the Canucks, but they probably won't win.

    Game's at 7.

    “Maybe one of these days I won't fail ” - Clayton Kershaw following Dodgers World Series loss

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    I really hope they don't win. The Gillis/Torts regime has destroyed what was left of this aging, overrated core. Nothing less than rebuild mode now. Garrison, Edler on D are extremely overrated and have cost us many games this year. Almost anyone is an upgrade on either of those two. Kesler has to go simply because we need the return of a 1st, a big, young centre, and a prospect to help stock the cupboards. Hansen was a no-show most nights this year. Higgins is just too streaky to be relied on. Booth will be he most expensive 4th liner in the league. Hamhuis had a difficult year, hard to understand how they though he could help the Olympic squad...but I'll give him a pass because he is quality. Kassian looks good, thankfully...but we have to face reality here. We're not fast enough, we can't win faceoffs, we don't have a power-play, and our PK has been terrible the second half. We ARE in rebuild mode, or at least, we should be. We MUST turn Kelser, Edler, and Garrison into a centre, a winger, a solid-D, some first round picks, and a couple of prospects for the farm. If we don't, the best we can do next year is to get 10 more points, barely make the playoffs, and get swept in the first round. After that, it only gets worse...I find it much more palletable to rebuild now while the Sedins, Bieksa, Lack, Hamhuis, and Stanton have some legs. The future doesn't have to be bleak, but with Gillis at the helm, it sure as hell is.

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