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    Rudy Gay might stay... or maybe not

    Sacramento Kings small forward Rudy Gay has a looming contractual decision in the coming months, one that will either see him play for the Kings next season for $19 million or one that will make him a free agent.

    For what it’s worth, Gay admits that he’s having a great time in Sacramento and that he could see a future here.

    “I think I can have a future here for sure,” Gay says. “For sure. With the people we have in the front office, with the coaches, I definitely fit in here. It’s just when you get here, you’re set and you’re settled and everything’s blown over, when you have your contract and everything’s set, no matter where you are, it’s just where do we go from there? I’m looking forward to weighing my options.”

    Gay says he hasn’t decided on if he’ll exercise his player option or not, though the belief among many is that he’ll decline it and look to secure himself a long term deal.

    Money is always an issue, but it sounds as if both sides certainly have a mutual interest in continuing their relationship.


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