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    Is this team's core close to winning?

    I want your opinions on whether you think this team is close or not.

    Has the core we put together pieces away from becoming conference final/Stanley Cup contenders like the Blackhawks, Blues, Kings, Penguins, Bruins ect?

    Or does this core we put together that's collapsed in the regular season two years ago, in the first round last year and now botching our playoff push this year need an overhaul?

    In my opinion the core needs a major retool after the last few years results and because of the way they've gone down. Three strikes and you're out. It would be one thing 2 years ago if we were in a dog fight for the playoffs but we were sitting comfortably in a spot with little time to go and folded. It would of been one thing last year in the playoffs if we were in a close game with the Bruins the entire game but we were sitting well positioned with maybe a little more than half a period to go. And it would of been one thing if we didn't have such a cushion this year and then went into this swoon. I would retool the core for certain. That doesn't mean I would trade all of them. So my answere to the question posed is : No, we're not close.

    edit: should of added in my response that we're not out of the playoffs yet this year, but it's looking weak.
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    It's tough for me... Usually when these things turn around you have 2 studs that start the movement and the rest start dragging along and buy in. We do have 2 but the problem is that they are stars, not super stars. We need to add another star D-man to this core group in my opinion. You look at all of those teams you mentioned and they all have one thing in common. A top pair that can dominate a game / series. If you can add a Boyle as a free agent in the off-season without taking away from your core group, then yes I say they can / will contend. As is they need some help.
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    I don't think we are close to being s Cup winner but we are close to being a team that gets out of the 1st round safely. They have the goaltending and scoring you need to win, they need to upgrade the defense.

    Take out Franson. Replace him with a legit #2 or #3 that plays sound defense and i think you upgrade your team massively without doing to much. I think Franson+Gardiner are too overwhelmed as a 2nd pairing. They still see top-scoring lines. If you could get Gardiner his own Gunnarsson type of partner or Get Dion a RHD and slide Gunnar down, i think this team looks better.

    Then see what Bolland looks like with this team over a full season. If not for the inexperience of Franson and Gardiner late in that game 7 (on ice for at least 2 late goals) we defeat the Eastern Champions. Leafs have some positives on their team. What needs to be done is trim the excess offense and turn it into more 2-way guys.

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    Close 2 winning,not yet,but it could be with the right changes are made.
    If u trade right pieces and sign some key leadership players,then yes.
    I've stated from beginning,u need some of the players who u think are core players 2 be moved Kessel.
    Top line center, Big Stud Defense man, some veteran leaders 3rd,4th liners.
    Culture needs 2 be changed,3 years in row collapse with same players,pretty much tells u that these aren't core players u go with.

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