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    Dec 2006
    this forum is dead mikeydaddy. very sad.

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    Dec 2010

    We need to sign some guys!

    We need to sign Matt W. He is finally playing like, "Mauer With Power". Sign him soon and if not trade him for tons of young talent. I want him to be an O for life but if not who would be a potential trade partner? What would it take to sign him? What prospects could we get for him if signing him is not happening?

    Same can be said for Chris Davis and to a lesser degree JJ Hardy:
    What would it take to sign them?
    What could we get if they won't sign?

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    Dec 2008
    I can't see Wieters signing back here. He realistically only has 3 more solid years as a catcher. If he is moved to first, his hitting numbers will be bad for first base. I wish he would resign for 5 years/$70 million. I have a feeling they let him walk without trading him next year.

    I can see Davis and Nelson Cruz resigning here though. Possibly Hardy, unless he continues to struggle this season.

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