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    Why don't Alpha Dogs coach more?

    There are exceptions, but for the most part, very few alpha dogs turn to coaching.

    Michael Jordan? Never tried it. Magic? Half a season. Bird? Three solid seasons, then he quit. Bill Russell coached the Celtics to two championships when he played, but didn't coach much after that.

    Most other alpha dogs don't even try. Karl Malone. Hakeem. David Robinson. Charles Barkley. Dr. J. Moses Malone.

    Instead, it is Doc Rivers, Maurice Cheeks, Scott Brooks, and Sam Mitchell, Kevin McHale,and Avery Johnson.

    Some of these guys were all-Stars, some were key cogs in a championship team or contender, but none can be called 'alpha dogs' during their playing days.

    So why don't these guys excel as coaches? And some, like Kareem, actually want to coach but can never seem to get a chance.

    Any theories out there?
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    Because guys like that have things that can't be taught. They just have otherwordly talent and instinct, you can't impart that upon players. You want coaches to be great at the things that you can teach to players.

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    Because they hate losing and it sucks they can't do nothing about except those 5 guys out on the floor. They're way to competitive.

    Larry couldn't stand losing to the Lakers again like he did in 2000. (and 3rd straight time against Phil).

    Kobe said he would never coach because he lacks the type of patience.

    It already kills MJ the owner when the team loses, imagine if he's there on the sidelines coaching.

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    most would be/are horrible at it.being a coach you need to aid in the development of players,understand the limitation of them,ect. and alpha dogs usually dont understand/have time for that,they are in "win at all cost,excel right now" mindset....they simply dont have the patience

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    People with remarkable talent and gifts usually are unable to understand why others can NOT do the things that they do. Players with above average or lower talent tend to spend MORE time working on their craft and thinking about the game itself as they realize that Talent alone will NOT translate to success.

    A player who is above average to average can empathize with those with average to above average talent, and appreciate the value of development and improvement. They are also MORE likely to be open to different ways of doing things than a player who is Exceptional. Exceptional players aren't expected to adjust their games to succeed. They are used to others adapting around them.

    It's not so different than the most gifted human beings are often not the most successful, while those who are somewhat above average talent are more likely to be successful. They realize that they are NOT the smartest and most talented so they work HARDER to succeed to compensate.

    This is also true in academics. If you ran down the Honor Role at your typical university you would find that far more many than not are above average or even average in talent. While many of the most "gifted" coast through school. They don't work nearly as hard because they don't need to, and as a result acquire poor work habits. They also value things like the Honor Role less since they know that it is easily achievable so it's not viewed as an accomplishment.

    Look at things this way... if you could study 3 hours and STILL get an A, would that mean nearly as much to you as someone who needs to dedicate 15 hours to get that same A?

    Exceptional talent brings many benefits. The ability to empathize with "the rest of us" is not one of them.
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    Teaching is an art. Some of those great players just don't have the time, patience and comprehension to teach others what they know.
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    PGs are the best coaches
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    Jimmer still being BLACK BALLED by the illuminati/homeboys...
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    If Jimmer were to be given free reign offensively, the team would basically quit on the organization out of jealousy and envy. The white man is the minority in this game and the black players will be damned if the white man shows him up at his own game. Similar situation happening with Kevin Love, the team has to surround him with foreigners and whites because black players won't succumb to the greatness that is Kevin Love.

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    They have more control in the front office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoahH View Post
    PGs are the best coaches
    i wouldnt say that:

    not saying some of them arent great,just that i dont think it matters what position ex players turned coaches played
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    Because the stars theses days are pampered *******, wouldn't be able to handle being yelled at.

    Big THX to MJ's Bulls and pheagles10 on the sig help!
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    I miss you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quinnsanity View Post
    Because guys like that have things that can't be taught. They just have otherwordly talent and instinct, you can't impart that upon players. You want coaches to be great at the things that you can teach to players.
    exactly. Its the same reason I don't really take much value in an ex-great players opinion regarding the league. They were on another level talent wise. Many times, they didn't spend as much time being cerebral and really perfecting the game, because it came so damn easy to them.

    Hence why the best coaches and GMs are not ex-players most of the time in today's NBA.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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    Hey Mike how can I score more? You shoot son.

    Hey Russell how can I get more rebounds? Just go get it.

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    Because animals can't speak, hence they can't coach.

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    And not many alpha dogs have been good coaches. It's the savvy role players, not the elite talents, who make the best coaches. This worries me about Jason Kidd, although his being a point guard gives me more faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonJohnHorn View Post
    Bill Russell coached the Celtics to two championships when he played, but didn't coach much after that.
    Good post.

    I want to set the record straight on Russell. He coached the D, Havlicek the O. Red and Bill were both very high on the importance of a black coach, so they didn't probably want to dilute that by bringing up Havlicek's role. Also they were both game day Coaches, a lot of the overall direction, scouting, and inputs went right to Red.

    It's true in other sports. Ted Williams was a terrible Manager, and many HOF players never went near it. It's frustrating for these great players to manage players that are a fraction of what they were.

    These days it might be money. After Tom Brady retires why would he want to put himself though all of that for peanuts when he can just hang out with the family, or become a politician (which he's mentioned).
    I am not a con artist! I am a businessman! I have a big brain and I'm good at making deals! People are just jealous of my BIG BRAIN! BAD!

    Guess who? The future X-Presdent...

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