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    Patrick Beverley's 10 Defensive Principles

    Gotta give this dude credit. Too many players nowadays rest on defense, but he takes pride in setting the tempo and shutting down the opposing teams players.

    Gained some respect for Bev after reading this!

    Here's his 10 points if you'd rather read here than go to the article.

    Quote Originally Posted by .
    1. No one likes pressure.

    “Being the point guard, I know what I don’t like and I know what’s comfortable for me. I know when I’m bringing the ball up the court, many times no one is pressuring me, the guy is sagging back and that gives me a confidence that, ‘OK, I can run my offense free, I don’t have to worry about the pressure.’ But if someone is all over me and forcing me to use my handle and pressuring me and reaching in and slapping the ball, I know I don’t like that.”

    2. The first objective is to set the defensive tempo of the game.

    “That’s one of the reasons why coach (Kevin) McHale actually put me in the starting lineup, to set the tone defensively. When I go out there, I know some people might not like my defense, but I really don’t care.”

    3. Steals are great, but the little things—like throwing off a player’s timing—can be just as good.

    “People don’t understand getting a hand on the ball—not just stealing it—means a lot, especially in this league because everything happens so fast.”

    4. If you’re going to give up anything, give up contested two-pointers.

    “I look at like this: Any player I guard, long twos or shots like that, if they make them I still think that’s good defense. You can’t make those shots at a high percentage the whole game.”

    5. Preparation? We’re talking about preparation? Please.

    “I don’t like to look at individuals because if I see a weakness then I might try to take them for granted, and in this league you can’t do that. So I don’t, other than the film (of the opponent) that the coaches provide for us, I don’t watch any film on any player.”

    6. Going head-to-head with the best can only make you better.

    “That starts with James Harden. Ironically, me and James played against each other in high school. He was bigger than everybody then. We play one-on-one all the time, at UCLA this past summer, sometimes after practice.”

    7. Learn from MJ.

    “I used to watch Michael Jordan to the Max. They said that Michael Jordan wasn’t a good defensive player, but he made himself into a great defensive player. And that comes with getting stronger and having the mental toughness.”

    8. A lot of conditioning goes into defense.

    “I do track, I run football fields, I run hills. I run until you feel like you can’t run any more. I do the pool, I do anything that takes my body to the limit. I push myself all the time, and the Rockets have great strength coaches.”

    9. Keep getting better.

    “My next step is to guard the bigger 2s—the Dwyane Wades, the James Hardens. To do that, I’ve got to get a lot stronger. I have to worry about being in the post and all that, so that’s definitely my next step.”

    10. Be the best, as a player and a team.

    ”I know Dwight will be mad when I say this, ‘I want to get Defensive Player of the Year.’ I also want to make either the first or second team defensively.”
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    Jimmer still being BLACK BALLED by the illuminati/homeboys...
    Quote Originally Posted by freejimmer View Post
    If Jimmer were to be given free reign offensively, the team would basically quit on the organization out of jealousy and envy. The white man is the minority in this game and the black players will be damned if the white man shows him up at his own game. Similar situation happening with Kevin Love, the team has to surround him with foreigners and whites because black players won't succumb to the greatness that is Kevin Love.

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    san diego
    This dude is quickly making a name for himself and building a good reputation as a player.

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    he is a pest, no doubt.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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    Good player, it's a shame there aren't more like him in the NBA.

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    One of my fave players

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    From Way Downtown

    Patrick Beverley's 10 Defensive Principles

    Spitting knowledge

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    I love when players come out of nowhere and just play the right way. I am a huge fan of Beverly and the Rockets in the playoffs.

    Kristaps Porzingis
    Stronger than most 15 year old girls.

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    Definitely the definition of pest.

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    Love this guy aswell..pressure does burst pipes nobody loves it

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    Patrick Beverley's 10 Defensive Principles

    Thoroughly enjoy his game and if melo gets traded to the rockets I hope (fingers crossed lucky rabbits foot knocking on all wood) he's involved... He's what players need to be more like... #respect
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    <3 Bev

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    Beverly is dirty and a bit of a jerk but I respect his hustle. I hope the trend catches on and he makes it cool for guys to focus on being lock down defenders....

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    Nov 2010

    Patrick Beverley's 10 Defensive Principles

    Him and Paul George have been my favorite players for a few years now. Both put an immense amount of effort on defense, and that shows true passion for the game and they will do whatever it takes to win. Hopefully young guys continue this trend.

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    I have to watch him more, his numbers would suggest that he's a slightly above average defender and has regressed since last season.
    Hey look everyone, it's "Vintage" Aaron Brooks.

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    I love his D

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