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Thread: Brook Lopez

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    Brook Lopez

    After recently reading an article that Brook has been having a successful recovery I figured it was time to start a DEBATE on this forum about what the Nets should do with him and the team moving forward.

    Please do not post if your comment is going to be "the season is not even over yet" or "this isnt fantasy basketball"

    This team has many to resign key players this off season, and as a sports fan its time to debate.

    The Dilema

    In my opinion, its time to trade Brook. As a team we have been so much better off with out him. He still has a ton of value in this league, and may be a top 5 center when healthy, but to start the debate. I am a fan for moving him.


    Trade him to the Lakers if the Lakers do not get into the top 5.
    Receive their top pick back along with Ryan Kelly
    The Lakers are looking for a quick rebuild, a lower pick will hurt them, pairing Brook with Kobe is something LA could not pass up.
    Gives the Nets young, cost controlled players, Kelly and Plumlee were Duke Teammates

    Trade Brook and DWill to the Kings.
    Bring Back DMC
    Kings get their star power, that their ownership wants. And DMC Sliding in the lineup with Blache and Resigning Livingston Plus ridding of DWill contract Could set this team up for the future. Plus it opens up space for our Euro Stash

    Trade Brook to the Suns; Look to bring back two first round picks, as long as we can draft the center from Kentucky to replace brook in the lineup.

    Just some Ideas that may or may not work.

    In the END; do we trade Brook?
    --Frankie LO---

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    Keeping him is a risk, as his health is a risk, and we are not sure he fits into Kidd's system.

    It's a risk trading him, because you are not going to get top value for a Center who is owed $32 mil for two years, and has basically missed two of the last three seasons due to injury.

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    Trading him this offseason would be a terrible move and is not going to happen. His value as at an all time low nobody wants a guy coming off a 3rd major foot surgery. Best move would be to have him him return to his pre-injury level of play for next season then hope to trade him in the 2015 offseason similar what the Lakers did with Bynum. The bottom line is that Lopez needs to play in slow slow half court offense and not many NBA teams want to play that way anymore. Lopez also really needs to improve his passing skills and learn to let this offense flow.

    Best Case for Nets fans is to hope Lopez returns healthy and adapts to what has made the team successful since has been out like Ball movement.

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    He's too good to just let go. Unless they get blown away with an offer, I think they'd be smart to hang onto him during the remainder of the KG/Pierce Nets era. Now that they've figured things out, win or lose this season, next year they could integrate him and possible become even better. Just need to manage his minutes bigtime.

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    Lurked this and puked. The Kings would laugh at that offer. Lopez is too injury prone and doesn't rebound nearly as much as Cousins.

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