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    Pirates Extend Starling Marte

    I know we have some talk about this in the Spring Training thread but we didn't get much offseason news around here and this is definitely thread worthy. From Pirates Prospects

    According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pittsburgh Pirates and left fielder Starling Marte are close on signing a six-year deal. We heard a few days ago that the Pirates had made two offers to Marte over the Winter and he rejected both of them, but he was still open to negotiate. It sounds like the two sides have resumed talks and a deal may happen soon.

    Sources: #Pirates, Marte close on six-year extension.

    — Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) March 26, 2014

    Update 10:22am: Well, that was quick. According to Jon Heyman, the deal is done pending physical. The deal includes at least one option year.

    Pirates and starling marte agree on 6-year extension. Includes at least 1 optoon year as well. Pending physical.

    — Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) March 26, 2014

    Update 10:27am: Jim Duquette is reporting that deal is for $31,000,000

    .@Jim_Duquette reports Starling Marte deal with PIrates is $31 Million over 6 years

    — MLB Network Radio (@MLBNetworkRadio) March 26, 2014

    Update 10:40am: Multiple sources are now saying it’s a six-year deal with two club options.
    Sounds like a great deal for the Pirates. Assuming its an extension it gives them control of his first 4 free agent years.

    Update: Scratch that its a brand new contract starting this season so it only gives them control of 3 free agent years. Still awesome to have him aboard for a longer period.
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    The Future of The Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Not sure of the year to year breakdown but Julio Teheran signed a 6/32.4 extension earlier this offseason and he too had just over 1 year of service time. I would assume the two breakdowns should be relatively similar.

    2014: 800K
    2015: 1 M
    2016: 3.3 M
    2017: 6.3 M
    2018: 8 M
    2019: 11 M
    2020: 12 M (team option; 1 M buyout)

    All that adds to 31.4 M so I'm assuming he got a 1 M signing bonus as well. Now Marte has two option years and his contract appears to be for just a tad less so it won't follow that model exactly of course but I'm guessing it should be close.
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    The next most logical player for the Pirates to try and extend is Cole but with Boras being his agent that doesn't seem likely. Also there isn't a whole lot of precedent for starting pitchers signing extensions with less than one year of service time. In fact there is only such case on the MLBTR tracker

    Matt Moore: 5/14 (3 option years)

    The history of SP with less than 2 years signing is a little bit more extensive. Not counting Moore we have:

    Julio Teheran: 6/32.4 (1 option year)
    Jose Quintana: 5/21 (2)
    Madison Bumgarner: 5/35 (2)
    Ricky Romero: 5/31 (1)
    Martin Perez: 4/12 (3)
    Cory Luebke: 4/12 (2)
    Wade Davis: 4/12.6 (3)
    Brett Anderson: 4/12.5 (2)
    Ubaldo Jimenez: 4/10 (2)
    James Shields: 4/11.25 (3)
    Hisashi Iwakuma: 2/14 (1)

    Iwakuma is obviously a special case here and doesn't really fit with the rest of this group. Using those as our baselines we get something like 6/35 with two option years. I'd probably do that.
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    Here is the breakdown

    Signing Bonus: $2 M
    2014: $500,000
    2015: $1 M
    2016: $3 M
    2017: $5 M
    2018: $7.5 M
    2019: $10 M
    2020: $12.5 M option
    2021: $13.5 M option
    Buyout: $2 M

    Kind of similar to Teheran's.
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