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    Concensus on Derrick Williams?

    What do we think of Williams so far? Has he done enough to show that he should be a big part of the rotation next year? Should we try to ship him elsewhere? Is he a small forward or a power forward? After seeing 50 games of him, what's your opinion?
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    I see Williams as a scorer off the bench. He can back-up both forward spots. I like him a little better at PF because of the mismatches he creates on offense. I don't think he's a key part of the team going forward (unless we lose Rudy). I also don't think he has a ton of trade value. If we can throw him into a trade for a starting caliber PF, that would be great. If not, hold on to him and see if he improves over the summer.

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    Except for his occasional highlight reel play. I've soured on him.

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    If Derrick Williams gets consistent minutes he's going to put up some decent numbers. He's had some spot starts where he's played very well. Also, I don't think he's had a lot of issues guarding the 3 as predicted by many. I think he's giving solid effort on both ends of the floor.

    I also like his aggressiveness to the basket. He gets there with ease!

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    he is real talented, step your game up dude!

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    I think he is a useful bench player. He is a tweener so he is really not a starting PF or a starting SF but against certain teams he can create matchup problems. I like him coming off the bench with minutes varied depending on opponents, he matches up well against teams who have smaller PF's or SF who lack quickness.

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    Bench player who needs to work on his shot/FT shot.

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