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    Personal Hope for the Organization

    Is that as the year moves along, that Moz/DeWitt Co. will address some of our young core players for long term extensions.

    Martinez, Wong, Miller, Wacha, Taveras, etc. Once you see what you have from these can start offering up some guarantee, and try to buy some of their free agent years for a bargain.

    My proposals for each player as it sits now:


    Hasn't had any big league time yet, but owes us three years at the league min, then three years at arb suppressed salaries.

    I'd offer him something along the lines of:

    2014 - 750K
    2015 - 1.25M
    2016 - 2M
    2017 - 3.5M
    2018 - 5M
    2019 - 7.5M
    2020 - 10M
    2021 - 12.5M (club option, 2.5M)

    That gives him 32.5M no matter what happens, and up to 42.5M over up to 8 seasons.

    He is set to be a free agent in 2020, so this offer gives the club 2020 and 2021 at potentially bargain prices. He is being given an additional 2.5M between now and 2016, and those arb pays are based on the type of player he looks to be based on contact rates, defense, and plate discipline.

    We potentially save money on him in 2020, 2021, and maybe some of those arb years. Wong gets enough money to live out his lifetime no matter what happens to him, and we gain cost certainty over 8 years with him.....and he is our second basemen.

    It also helps that we have a lot of payroll room right now, so providing these kids a little more than league minimum now in order to save money when they are older makes sense for the club. And we know who our second basemen is for 8 seasons (up to) and we don't have to try and delay his clock at all.

    Oscar Taveras:
    Similar to what the Astros offered George Springer. Let's not worry about his arb clock. Kid is going to be a free agent no matter what after 2020. We'll either delay him this season so we own 2020, or we go ahead and buy it out and not worry about it all

    I would offer him 7/30ish and just back him.

    2014 - 750K
    2015 - 1.25M
    2016 - 2.5M
    2017 - 4M
    2018 - 6M
    2019 - 8M
    2020 - 10M
    2021 - 12M (club option - 2M buyout)

    That's 34 million, and we gain control over two free agent years and a good cost control amount.

    I would wait on OT until you know he is healthy, and you see him perform at the MLB level though. So this one would go on hold, and probably need to begin in 2015.

    Carlos Martinez:
    I was wrong about Baby Pedro. He is better than I thought he was. I would give him a Julio Teheran contract right now, and let him go into the rotation.

    Here is what Teheran got: 6/32.5 with club option

    1M signing bonus
    2014 - 800K
    2015 - 1M
    2016 - 3.3M
    2017 - 6.3M
    2018 - 8M
    2019 - 11M
    2020 - 12M (club option, 1 M buyout)

    But Martinez has a little less service time, so maybe ask for 2021 and a club option for that year as well.

    Michael Wacha:

    Kid is the real freaking deal. I would give him the Matt Moore deal, but sweeten it a little better.

    $0.5M signing bonus

    19:$7.5M club option ($3M buyout)
    20:$9.5M club option ($1.5M buyout)
    21:$10.5M club option ($1.25M buyout)

    That's basically the Matt Moore contract. Maybe it needs to be a little better, but that's the gist. I think he might deserve a 30 million guarantee though.

    And Shelby Miller:

    Shelby I would wait until June or so, because I want to see how true he is. He showed some instability last year, but it never showed up in his numbers. I'd want to see him replicate himself first.

    But, my offer would be something like this:

    2015 - 1.5M (remember, he it's his last year of league min)
    2016 - 3.5M
    2017 - 5M
    2018 - 7.5M
    2019 - 10M
    2020 - 12M
    2021 - 14M (club option, 2M buyout)

    All of these extensions give the Cardinals cost certainty, and they know their core players for the next almost decade. If someone fails, there is a club option to remove some of the risk, and the player still gets enough money to live out their lives. Not all five of these guys are going to do a deal, but some will. And it will really help control the roster for awhile. Buyout as many free agent years as possible, if the trade off is giving them some money today when we have a lot of payroll room, in order to have control later, then the trade off is absolutely worth it.

    Note, don't be so critical about the dollar amounts, just getting the train of thought going.

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    I think they'll take care of it as it goes along though I think they will wait till after this year to even look into extensions

    I would say in 2014-2015 offseason we are looking at:
    Possibly Bourjos with a good year unless they think Tavares will play center but I think they are interested in Bourjos being the CF here several years. Possibly trading Adams

    And 2015-2016 offseason

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    Since they might be in the extension giving mood... Maybe give Diaz one as well

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    I just hate the idea of Matt Adams having a monster year but for our sake I hope he does. But unless some of our youngsters flame out this year. He is only going to up his trade value while have little to no need on the roster. I mean what could we really use if all prospects pan out this year like we expect? A strong middle reliever? A bench bat with pop? I guess you could look into a young backup catcher in A ball for the future but we are also transitions Carson Kelly into a catcher and I really want to give his bat a chance there and his arm.

    I also hope we are grooming our future GM cause Moz said in a recent article that he doesnt plan to be GM in ten years and doesnt even know if he will be with the Cardinals in ten years (dont look into this part much).

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