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    Exclamation ESPN TOURNEY CHALLENGE - PSD Birds

    Let's go apologies on taking so long to set this up......we did this last year but no money involved this year I'm feeling frisky with my dollar dollar bills.... ESPN app or whatever sign up join group - PSD Birds

    If we get more the. 50 people to sign up I will send the winner $20 of my own (via paypal).......go go go.

    SIGN UP FAST, NO PASSWORD SEARCH FOR ----- PSD Birds (fanofphilly) is in the group.

    Please tell everyone about this in the forums you frequent in......we only have A FEW HOURS to get 50 to sign up..... And a change for free $20. That's a lot of money to so e of u college bums on here lol....or old farts like me that have kids.

    Disclaimer -by no means is this gambling or part of PSD.....this is just a fun thing that I am personally doing and giving away MY OWN money. In no way is it related or involving SportsDirect Inc.
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    Check out our website for Philly Sports .
    Or PM me if you ever need a WEBSITE of course that will cost ya.

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