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    Mock Offseason Round 1: (2) GatorJimmy vs (3) BCB mwat15

    Quote Originally Posted by BCB mwat15

    Cuts (Cap Space Cleared)
    DE Julius Peppers (9,816,665)
    RB Michael Bush (1,850,000)
    WR Earl Bennett (2,450,000)
    P Adam Podlesh (1,025,000)
    WR Eric Weems (1,100,000)
    TE Zach Miller (645,000)
    LB Jerry Franklin (570,000)
    WR Chris Williams (520,000)
    P Drew Butler (495,000)
    S Sean Cattouse (495,000)
    WR Willie Carter (420,000)
    OT Rogers Gaines (420,000)
    QB Jerrod Johnson (420,000)
    OT Joe Long (420,000)
    DT Tracy Robertson (420,000)
    LB Lawrence Wilson (420,000)

    Re-Signings (Cap Hits in Parentheses)

    OC Roberto Garza (2yrs/3M)
    OT Eben Britton (1yrs/715K)
    DT Nate Collins (1yr/630K)

    Free Agent Signings (Cap Hits in Paretheses)

    DE Lamarr Houston (4yrs/20M)
    CB Brent Grimes (4yrs/16M)
    DE Everson Griffen (4yrs/12M)
    S Mike Adams (2yrs/4M)
    LB Darryl Sharpton (2yrs/3M)
    QB Rex Grossman (1yr/960K)
    Reasoning- Because it is time to bring the Cum Slinger home!

    Draft Picks (2014 Cap Hit in Parentheses replicated from 2013 Draft Slot)

    Trade: Chicago sends Rd 1 #14 to Carolina for Rd 1 #28, Rd 2 #60, and 2015 2nd Rd pick

    Rd 1 #28 (via Houston)- S Calvin Pryor, Lousiville (1,378,500)
    Rd 2 #51- WR Brandon Crooks, Oregon St (875,205)
    Rd 2 #60 (via Carolina)- CB Jason Verrett, TCU (618,436)
    Rd 3 #82- DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee (546,890)
    Rd 4 #113- OC Tyler Larsen, Utah St (516,300)
    Rd 5 #144- LB Max Bullough, Michigan St (453,613)
    Rd 6 #167 (via Tampa Bay)- DT Kerry Hyder, Texas Tech (441,140)
    Rd 6 #175- S Vinnie Sunseri, Alabama (420,000)

    Undrafted Free Agents (Cap Hit in Paretheses)

    RB Isaiah Crowell, Alabama St (405,000)
    TE Crockett Gilmore, Colorado St (405,000)
    LB Denicos Allen, Michigan St (405,000)

    Depth Chart


    QB: Jay Cutler/Rex Grossman
    RB: Matt Forte/Michael Ford/Isaiah Crowell
    FB: Tony Fiammetta
    WR: Brandon Marshall/Alshon Jeffery/Marquess Wilson/Brandon Crooks/Terrence Tolliver
    TE: Martellus Bennett/Fendi Onobun/Crockett Gilmore
    LT: Jermon Bushrod/Eben Britton
    LG: Matt Slauson/James Brown
    OC: Roberto Garza/Matt Slauson/Tyler Larsen
    RG: Kyle Long/James Brown
    RT: Jordan Mills/Eben Britton


    LE: Lamarr Houston/Cornelius Washington/David Bass
    NT: Nate Collins/Daniel McCullers
    UT: Stephen Paea/Nate Collins/Kerry Hyder
    RE: Everson Griffen/David Bass/Cheta Ozougwu
    SLB: Jon Bostic-Shea McClellin/Denicos Allen
    MLB: Darryl Sharpton/Jon Bostic/Max Bullough
    WLB: Lance Briggs/Khaseem Greene
    CB1: Tim Jennings/Brent Grimes
    CB2: Brent Grimes/Jason Verrett/Damontre Hurst
    NB: Isaiah Frey/Jason Verrett/CJ Wilson
    SS: Calvin Pryor/Chris Conte/Vinnie Sunseri
    FS: Mike Adams/Chris Conte

    Special Teams

    K: Robbie Gould
    P: Tress Way
    KR: Michael Ford-Brandon Crooks
    PR: Brandon Crooks/Michael Ford

    Salary Cap Used: 126,275,41
    Quote Originally Posted by GatorJimmy

    Cut Peppers (post June 1), Bush, Earl, Podlesh, Weems

    27 million now in cap.

    Restructure 10.5 mil of Cutlers base salary, saves 8.4 mil this yr, increasing cap hit 1.5 mil for duration of contract

    35.4 now in cap

    Tillman (2 yr 6 mil, 2.5 mil cap hit this yr, 2.5 mil guaranteed)
    McCown (2 yr 4 mil, 2 mil cap hit)
    Corey Wootton (3 yr 9 mil, 2.5 cap hit)
    Garza (1 yr 1.2 mil)
    Collins (1 yr 1 mil)
    Williams (1 yr 1 mil)
    Bowman (1 yr 1 mil)
    Mannelly (1 yr 955k)
    Britton (3 yr 3 mil)
    Steltz ( 1 yr 730k)
    Boggs (1 yr 495k)

    At this point we would have 22.5 open.

    Free Agency:
    Michael Johnson (5 yr 45 mil, 8 mil cap hit)
    Linal Joesph (4 yr 21 mil, 4.5 cap hit)
    Antoine Bathea ( 3 yr 10 mil, 3 cap hit)
    Jonathon Dwyer (1 yr 800k)

    Total 16.3 mil, 6.2 mil remaining

    Draft: costs 5.7 mil
    Rd 1- Timmy Jernigan
    Rd 2-Deone Bucannon
    Rd 3-Jerimiah Attaochu
    Rd 4-Pierre Desir
    Rd 5- Jordan Tripp
    Rd 6-Colt Lyerla
    Rd 6-Dri Archer
    UDFA-Avery Patterson

    QB-Cutler, McCown
    RB-Forte, Dwyer, Ford
    WR-Marshall, Jeffery, Wilson, Morgan, Archer
    TE-Bennett, Lyerla, Onobun
    C-Garza, Boggs
    RG-Long, Brown
    RT-Mills, Britton

    DE- Wootton, Washington, bass
    NT-Linval Joesph, Ratliff
    3T-Jernigan, Paea
    DE-Johnson, Attaochu, bass
    SLB-Bostic, McClellin
    MLB-Williams, Tripp
    WLB-Briggs, Greene,
    CB-Tillman, Bowman, Desir
    FS-Bathea, Conte
    SS-Bucannon, Steltz
    CB-Jennings, Desir


    This mock is trying to clone the panthers. With a very solid front 4 we can survive with average d backs. We would also have a very solid rotation on the d line. Although the cap room would be tight at the end we would have just enough to get through and would have briggs coming off the books next year so the slight increase in cutlers salary would be affordable.

    This mock just shows that if we borrow from cutler we can completely turn this defense around. A d line of Wootton, Joesph , Jernigan, johnson could hold down the d for the next few years.
    Round 1: (1) BcEuAbRsS vs (4) AB1984 - AB Wins 14-5
    Round 1: (2) sager729 vs (3) kozelkid - kozel Wins 11-6
    Round 1: (1) Branwegner84 vs (4) GeorgiaBear - Georgia Wins 17-2
    Round 1: (3) BCB mwat15 vs (3) Mell413 - BCB Wins 7-2

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    Just noticed for GatorJimmy's mock that he re-signed Collins and not Ratliff in FA but listed Ratliff at NT on his roster. Not sure if he meant to re-sign Collins or Ratliff. There's no way Archer is lasting to the 6th rd either. Gonna take some time to think about it and let GatorJimmy clarify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG2TB View Post
    Just noticed for GatorJimmy's mock that he re-signed Collins and not Ratliff in FA but listed Ratliff at NT on his roster. Not sure if he meant to re-sign Collins or Ratliff. There's no way Archer is lasting to the 6th rd either. Gonna take some time to think about it and let GatorJimmy clarify.
    Ratliff is supposed to be Collins on the depth chart. I also meant to sigh Ratliff but obviously I didn't so his salary isn't included.
    So it'd be
    Nt joesph/ Collins
    3tech Jernigan/paea

    And I originally thought archer may be there. Speed guys like that in such a deep draft can fall. But that was before the strength he showed at the combine.

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