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Thread: WR Sidney Rice

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    WR Sidney Rice

    WR Sidney Rice was cut by the Seahawks.

    6'4" 202 lbs but injury prone.

    May be worth a 1 yr deal similar to what the Jets gave Kellen Winslow Jr, last year.

    If he could stay healthy and you put a speed WR along side him, you could have a legit WR tandem, but the key word is "healthy".

    As in, can he stay healthy and can you count him on too.

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    Sidney Rice is still relatively young too, 27 yrs old. He's a good guy, no scumbag like Holmes. Love his height.

    Here is some tape.

    Was really good before the injuries, I'm willing to take a 1, 2 year deal on him.

    Like X is saying, line him up with a speed guy. If I could compare him to another NFL WR, he would be like Roddy White on the Falcons when healthy.

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    He's just not that good anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungStuna View Post
    He's just not that good anymore.
    He's 27 and he's been injury plagued. Do you really think that he lost it that quickly and that young? I'd take a shot at him as a #3

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    The injuries concern me. We need durability, not a repeat of the last 2 years when injuries decimated the offense.

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    Id do it 1 year deal!!

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    Apr 2012
    We cannot have an injury prone WR as our first, and main, FA WR target. Id take either Rice or Nicks (preferably Rice) at a show-me deal in combination with Sanders. Decker is at the top of my wish list but I'm not too confident hes coming to NY.

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    He has been in the league 7 years and has broken 800 yards exactly once, and it was with Favre slinging it. No thank you, he sucks.

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    I am not going into the season with him plus Hill/Kerley/Nelson and feeling any better than last year.

    With that being said - If we signed him to a 1yr/$2M incentive laden contract that protects us against injury, I am all for it.

    Way back in the stands, you can see my Wife holding my son on the ledge at his first Green and White scrimmage...circa 2013...aka "The Transformation" year into greatness! That's right saw the beginning stages of JETS Greatness first hand!

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