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Thread: USA Roster

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    USA Roster

    I'm putting this here as the main boards clearly don't want to discuss this logically.

    I put out an innocent comment that someone like Krug as a 6th or 7th defense men playing limited minutes could have helped the US in that Canada game, namely on the powerplay where they were standing around for four minutes. Here's my thinking:

    US was shut down so the PP might have been a game changer.

    Justin Faulk played 1:15 in this game. Could Krug or someone like him have taken that time (as powerplay time)

    Someone said Krug has peripheral stats, which I quickly shot down with facts, and that he plays "sheltered" minutes, but given the Finland game where they were not only shut out, but gave up 5 goals, couldn't an argument be made?

    I believe that you don't always pick the best players at each position, but you pick based on a balance of skills. For example, the USA basketball team selected a mix of stars and role players to get back the gold medal. Similarly, Bergeron was selected to Canada despite their abundance of centers because he is a defensive genius and top face off man that balances their scoring depth.

    So when I mentioned Krug's name, I was shot down by everyone including a few Bruins fans. They even suggested not critiquing the roster since losing 1-0 to Canada was nothing to be ashamed of. Well, now after the Finland loss, I wonder if a rethinking of the roster like the US basketball team is in order. Not necessarily a complete overhaul, but some tweaking.

    So essentially, my argument that nobody seemed to comprehend is this: could Krug have taken Faulk's measly few minutes if for no other reason than to boost the powerplay? Surely being a defensive liability wouldn't have mattered on the PP. Risk vs reward.

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    Still no in my opinion. You might be right that the defense could've used some one like that (I still disagree wight hat as the forwards were the problem, not the defense), but the fact remains that there are other PP specialists who would've been chosen over Krug like Keith Yandle or Dustin Byfuglien. Torey Krug had no spot on this Olympic team, maybe he'll be int he running in 2018, but not this year.

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    the forwards were the problem thats why they didn't win a medal. Not enough scoring espically when you go against a video game canadian roster. Ryan,Buf,Okposo would have helped greatly

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    Not sure Krug is really that much of an upgrade over Faulk even on PP to be honest. At least not enough to have made a difference.
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    Yandle and Ryan should have made the team. That's pretty much it.

    Orpik should have never made the team. He's a pylon out there. They also should have thought about Paul Martin's injury proneness heading in. So Yandle + Byfuglien would have been much better for the team than Faulk + Orpik.

    USA centers were not able to generate any sort of offense, especially during the medal rounds. Bobby Ryan would have complemented that 2nd line well. 3rd and 4th lines were afterthoughts. Basically, they were playing with 6 forwards and 4 defensemen. Embarrassing performance in the medal rounds.

    Which leads to Bylsma. He needs to share some of the blame.

    US fans were quick to hop off the bandwagon during the medal rounds. The lovefest for Oshie was never merited (hero, TJ Sochi, etc stupid crap), and radio personalities calling people idiotic for saying US didn't have any offense shut up quickly. When they played teams that mattered, they couldn't do anything offensively. Everyone should have known that.
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