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    Quote Originally Posted by MILLERHIGHLIFE View Post
    They have 3 RFA's next summer as well. As in Leonard, Crabb, Harkless. Then following summer CJ, Plumlee, Alexander.
    Leonard is almost certainly gone because he has high contract demands. Unless someone does something truly crazy I think we keep Crabbe.

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    Sixers fan here.

    What do you guys think of McCollum? Would you trade him for Jahlil Okafor? You get a potent inside out punch with a lot of upside for the future, and we get to clean up our C mess and add a combo guard who's a great fit with Ben Simmons.

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    The Blazers are at a crossroads. They need to make a trade, hear me out.
    Everyone on the Blazers are on the trade block except for Dame and CJ.
    The magic are rumored to be willing to part with vucevic.
    The bulls need to make some changes, Blazers should target taj Gibson.
    The celtics love Evan turner, get a trade going for jae crowder. Or maybe steal away the Suns pj tucker.
    Blazers could turn their starting lineup into a solid defensive team, your guards can look like great defenders with a true big duo that has the ability to help and get back to their guys. Offense stays very good and defense gets a shot in the arm with a couple true defenders and a legit starting center

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    Any rumors if Lillard will be moved sooner then later. I remember hearing that earlier in the season.

    What would Portland be looking for? Ae they trying to rebuild?

    Would something like this make Portland even pick up the phone?

    1st rd pick, Dragic, Ty Johnson, Winslow

    2pg's to replace Lillard, a wing player that plays D and still developing and a 1st rd pick between 13-17. Of courts a 3rd team might be added so Portland get dump contracts.

    Quote Originally Posted by IKnowHoops View Post
    As a rookie Micheal Beasley averaged 13.9pts per game on .472 shooting. Do you know how many times Kobe Bryant or Tracy Mcgrady shot at that percent or better? Never in there whole careers. If Beas can be what he was when he was a rookie (he won't hell be better) then the heat are coming away with another steal.

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