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    Jan 2012

    Give me something to believe in....

    So it's been a long time since I've posted. I'm quite embarrassed by my last. I'm the guy that had us going 10-6 this year with 12 games to go and praying for a game with Seattle in the playoffs again.

    Yeah, that didn't work out. My Dad use to tell me I wasn't a realist when it came to the teams I loved. I may not be a realist, but I'd rather have hope than cynicism.

    I'm sorry for believing in what I HOPED would happen...we were not a well developed team....But I really want to believe in this team again.

    Do you guys believe there should be hope for this organization?

    I guess I'm just looking for some positive discussion about the direction of this team...I'm tired of the bs....



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    Sep 2010
    Washington D.C
    LMFAO. Don't apologize for anything. You wanted them to do well, they just didn't.

    I was like you for awhile, always saying we'd be good, turn it around next year, the usual. Eventually got fed up to be honest and became a realist. If they sucked said it, if not, said that too.

    The Redskins can easily fix their issues, the issue is they never attempt to do so. They are satisfied with keeping mediocre players around to keep the fans happy because they know who they are.

    Sure, we got hit with a cap penalty which didn't help, but look at our drafting. That has nothing to do with the cap and we still bombed it. Was that Mike Shanahan? Possibly, but our drafting before him sucked too. Have to think it's a mixture of the coaching and scouting.

    I wouldn't expect next season to be all that fun. Redskins took advantage of a pathetic NFC East in 2012 and managed to win it. 2013 RGIII gets out of his comfort zone in the read-option and goes splat. Going to be a lot of learning for him, and changes being made.

    On a positive note, I don't think the Redskins go 3-13 which is a plus, but I also don't see them finishing above .500. 7-9 probably what we're looking at, at best, which needless to say isn't a horrible thing because they're going to be learning a new system yet again (Welcome to Washington).

    Stay positive, do what makes you happy. I'm still going to be a realist or negative nancy as some like to say, but at the end we're all fans and just want to see a winner.

    Redskins | Nationals | Capitals | Wizards| D.C United

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    Jan 2012
    thanks brother...I just get tired of all the blaming...

    I'm tired of the finger pointing...the excuses...

    And I am sick of "experts" making comments about how they new "all along" this team was dysfunctional...

    That's garbage...the media loved us with our dramatics of 2012...and they loved to crucify us each and every week this year...

    I could listen to Stephen A. Smith for about 2 seconds....he will crucify the team, the owner, the qb with his "I told you so" arrogance and I want to puke...

    1 year from now he'll say..."I new that RG3 needed a year of humility to help him mature"....SHUT UP Stephen!!!

    I'm just tired of the ridicule...and I really appreciate the way you worded it Insane. I want to route for this team relentlessly without fear of turning on ESPN.

    Watching ESPN is about as much fun as Rush Limbaugh has watching a Coke commercial.

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    Stephen A is a NYG fan so he isn't going to say nice things about us but I do enjoy his opinions on other subjects.
    We MUST bring chemistry back into the locker room and not shell out bug cash for top tier F/A's. I want guys with something to prove and high character so I can't make predictions until August (and neither can those so-called analysts) HTTR

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