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    Sep 2013

    I'm glad Spurs are losing.

    They will work twice as hard now. Spurs fans are spoiled. This is how it looks to be a .500 team. Don't get it twisted, we are playing some of the better teams in the NBA. Everyone needs to understand this is a team game. We need to get everyone going, and not just your favorite players. Spurs fans need to unite. I see a lot of hate between Spurs fans.

    Back to the Spurs. We aren't playing bad. Everyone is just playing out of position. I think I just saw a 3 point guard team just right now. We lost our height, defense and speed when Kawhi Leonard, and Green got injured. Manu is also injured so a lot of our offense is gone. Our paint penetration is gone when Tony is out and Manu is injured.

    We are going to be the best 5-6th seed this coming playoffs.

    I was all over the place. I needed to vent my frustration, but I know not to doubt this team. The problem are the injuries and not Pop or the players playing. Like I said, we are playing out of position. Do not fault the players is my message.

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    Our entire defense is shot now with the guys who are out.

    It's a good thing we got off to such a great start. I try not to put too much stock into the regular season. Going into the playoffs last year we finished pretty poorly, I think like playing .500 basketball in like 10 games or something.

    All that matters is going into the playoffs healthy. I still think we need another athletic wing to backup Kawhi. Shannon Brown is likely only a 10 day thing, and could be good, but we need a defensive guy on the wing now. I am fine with getting the injuries/losses out the way now.

    Playoffs are a whole new season, and I suspect Pop will show them the game 6 video again once the playoffs start.

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    Apr 2009
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    I will be shocked if we drop to 5. We shouldn't even be out of the top 3. And regular season is very important. First off it allows your unit to gel, so injuries at any time are bad because it messes with rotation. And another reason is that it helps cement home court. Would Indy have rather played at home in game 7? How about us in the finals? So yes, the regular season doesn't get you the ring, but it does help get you there. I agree that this losing streak is not a death sentence, but it is not a blessing either.

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