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View Poll Results: Should the commisoner Adam Silver focus on adding beautiful players to the league?

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  • Depends on just how beautiful we're talking here

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Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Oct 2011

    NBA needs more beautiful players (no homo)

    Recently I've come to a profound realization that not many nba players are gorgeous, and I think that is what is holding them back from becoming more popular, if more teams selected more pretty players (like jimmer, no homo) then that means the popularity of basketball would skyrocket.

    To dwelve even further into this topic, I think appearance is more important than basketball skills when trying to create a large fanbase. Take a look at me for example, I am more beautiful than the average man, however my basketball skills are only at the level of someone like brian scalabrine (no disrespect) however my beauty far outshines everyone on the court therefore 14year old teenage girls and gay men would pay a lot of money to attend a basketball game just to see my gorgeous face (no cocky).

    Just my opinion, what are your thoughts regarding the nba and the level of beauty in their players?
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    Jan 2010
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    No troll threads. The ZTP is still up.

    Free As Seagull.

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