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    Jim Haslett Thread

    The Redskins announced Jim Haslett will remain their defensive coordinator.

    As expected. However, we're not sure what Haslett has done to earn the job. His defenses in Washington have mostly been atrocious since he was hired in 2010 -- finishing 31st in total yards his first season, 13th in 2011, 28th in 2012, and 18th in 2013. The Redskins surrendered the second-most points (478) this past season. Haslett has one year left on his current contract.

    Source: Washington Post

    Ok, I like Haslett as a person. He seems like a really nice guy who loves being a Redskin and loves the area. I think he is here as insurance if Jay gets in over his head.........or just to give Jay a familiar hand in this transition. Surely not for his record.

    I guess I'm ok with giving him one more shot..........however....not sure he'll survive 2014.

    White Sox & Redskins Forever

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    I ****ing hate this team sometimes.

    My Mock v 1.1
    51st (Second Round) - Amerson CB/FS
    85th (third round) - Bacarri Rambo FS
    119th (fourth) - David Quessenberry, OT/OG
    154th (fifth) - Cornelius Washington, DE/ OLB
    162nd (fifth) - Ray Ray Armstrong, SS
    191st (sixth) - Nick Kasa, TE
    228th (seventh) - Rodney Smith, WR

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    Eh, I dunno. Plenty of teams have won the Superbowl with the worst defense and special teams in the history of the NFL.

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