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    2014 Projections

    List your bold or even moderate projections for the Cardinals next season in here

    I am guessing 95 wins, and win the NLC, with the Pirates in second with 91 wins taking a wild card spot.

    Our team should probably be better than last year, but no team can sustain that two out hitting and RISP hitting like we did last year. It's unfair to expect it to repeat, and two of the guys that were some of the best talent at doing that aren't going to be starting (Freese and Jay).

    We'll get better production out of third base, centerfield, shortstop and the rotation (which is scary considering how good our rotation actually was).

    I can see the following WAR per position
    In parenthesis I am posting what we received from that position last year fWAR: Includes every player at that position, not just the starter

    C - 5 (5.1)
    1B - 3 (3.2)
    2B - 2 (6.2)
    3B - 5 (-0.9)
    SS - 3 (-0.3)
    LF - 3 (3.9)
    CF - 4 (2.8)
    RF - 4 (2.5)
    Total - 29 (22.5)
    18 (16.7)
    5 (3.1)
    Total - 23 (19.8)

    This would make us like a 105 win team though. Which would be insane. But you have to adjust for injuries.

    The only true player we can't afford to lose is Yadier. Everyone else has a reliable backup to play the position if something happens (maybe not Carpenter at third)

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    We're winning the world series.
    "If you find yourself in the majority, rethink your position" - Mark Twain

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    2014 Projections

    World Series

    Michael Wacha

    5-5, 2.79 Era, 83 So, 1.12 Whip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shlumpledink View Post
    We're winning the world series.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeDirt05 View Post
    World Series
    definitely possible. a lot of good team though. Braves could get past us. Washington underperformed last year but are highly talented. Dodgers are, imo, the main threat for us not to repeat. Pittsburgh also going to be a threat for a long time so not sure what happens there.

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