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    2013 Favorite Pacers Moment(s)

    A lot of them are going to come from the playoffs I assume, but I'll go ahead and list my three...

    1) PG's dunk on Birdman. I still watch that and get fired up
    2) Hibbert's block on Melo, aka the block heard around the NBA
    3) PG's 43 points against Portland this season, despite the loss. 5 3 pointers in the last 3 minutes


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    We lost the game against Portland.
    We lost the series against Miami.
    We won the series against New York. And without that block maybe we couldn't...
    So my choice is: Hibbert's block on Melo.
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    Not sure if it was early 2013 or late 2012.....but I would have to say the 0 points against Golden State...and that West coast road trip that he was terrible on. Not really the horrible shooting, but what happened afterwards.

    That was the turning point where PG understood that he had to transition from a young defensive player with loads of offensive potential to a team leader/all star and now what looks to be a top 5 player in the league. IMO if he scores 10 points in that game and isn't shut out and we are looking at a much longer curve on a PG that doesn't get that chip on his shoulder to be great.

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    Too many to list really, I have watched almost every televised pacer game since I was a young Teenager and just to finally see a competitive basketball team play with passion and pride. Sitting through those years with Murphy, Dunleavy, and those guys sure make me appreciate it even more.

    #1 Resigning David West
    #2 Max Deal for Paul George.
    "Only Losers Blame Refs" - Seth Davis




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