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Thread: What A Year

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    What A Year

    Happy New Year to All!

    I must say 2013 was a wonderful year for our Pirates. The streak is finally behind us, the team looks poised to compete for the foreseeable future and the farm system is strengthening. Admittedly this offseason up until this point has been a big disappointment but it is what it is. The Pirates appear to have taken the route of trying to keep the group together for one more year. That is a perfectly sound strategy albeit it doesn't make for an exciting one. Change of course is inevitable by this time next year I suspect we will have seen a rather massive turnover of the roster.

    The path ahead does look bright but it is of course uncertain. 2014 could be another outstanding year or it could be a step back. We are bound to see disappointment but all in all it has been a long time since being a Pirates fan was this good.
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    Don't have much to add, you summarized pretty much all of it

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    Unbelievably fun year and I was glad to share it with everyone here
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    I'm just glad I was able to help get things off to a good start with my play-by-play on Opening Day. #BUCN

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