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    Remember Fleener's drops in the preseason?

    Prior to this week, Coby Fleener was first among TEs with a drop rate of 1.92%. He may get one more this week, but should still finish No. 1

    Training camp star, horrible in preseason, ended up being our most reliable pass catcher this season.

    - He runs meetings like a coach. Basically, Im playing with a coordinator on the field. Hes a football God. He sees everything, and he sees the big picture of everything." - Frank Gore on Andrew Luck
    - "He is as smart as Peyton, as accurate as Brady, tougher than Ben and as athletic as RG3." - Anonymous Head Coach on Andrew Luck

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    Nice stat and good to hear/read!
    If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?

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    Progress! Next year the sky is the limit for this team with Allen and Wayne coming back


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